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Instructions for Wiko

In the first instance, make sure that GPS, WiFi and mobile data are turned on as much as possible. If there are problems that the measurement is not (correctly) taken, first check the following settings:

  1. Go to Phone assist > Power Saver/Battery > Eco Mode >Turn OFF.
  2. Go to Phone assist > Power Saver/Battery > Optimized mode >Turn OFF or set the switch next to our app to “Not optimized”.
  3. Go to Phone assist > Advanced settings > White-list apps background > put the Fynch app in this “white-list”.
    Or via: Go to Phone Assistant > Battery > Manual mode > click the Gear icon top right > Background apps whitelist > select the Fynch app.
  4. And/or: Go to Phone Settings > Battery > turn OFF the options “Standby intelligent power saving” and “Battery saver” both.

If something still goes wrong with the registration of the rides, you can always contact our support.