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Stimulating sustainable behavior

Behavior is everything we say and do. In the case of encouraging sustainable travel behavior, we mean cycling, walking, traveling by public transport and an electric car, traveling outside rush hour, and working from home. All behaviors that you can observe and measure. Fynch does this automatically and rewards the user for sustainable and vital mobility.

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Vital & Sustainable Mobility app

Using a vital mobility app also has a very positive business case. Employees who walk, bike more often are shown to be sick less often. Employees appreciate that as an employer you actively fulfill your duty of care. The insight into active minutes traveled and CO2 emissions raise awareness. Participation in challenges ensures lasting improvement.

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Insight into sustainable travel behavior

Through the Fynch Data Platform, employers gain group-level and completely anonymous insight into valuable sustainable travel behavior data. This gives you insight into how much active mobility the employees use, how high the CO2 emissions are, and what the ratio is in terms of types of transportation. Valuable information to improve the sustainable mobility policy. Moreover, you comply with the Normative Regulation Work-related Personal Mobility.

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Incentives for sustainable travel behavior

Sustainable travel behavior directly benefits employees in the form of higher mileage reimbursement and Fynch Coins that can be spent on the exclusive network of Fynch Reward Partners. We set up the higher mileage allowance and home working allowance in the Expense Configurator. We take the allowances from the employer’s mobility policy. We can also advise what a sustainable mobility policy might look like.

Encourage sustainable travel behavior. With Fynch, it's very easy.

Without Fynch
  • No insight into CO2
  • No incentives for vitality
  • No incentives for sustainability
  • No appealing reimbursements
  • No reward program
  • No appealing employment policy
  • No behavioral change
With Fynch
  • Real time 24/7 insight into CO2
  • Reward active mobility
  • Rewards sustainable travel behavior
  • Appealing reimbursements
  • Exclusive sustainable reward program
  • Appealing employer
  • Behavioral Change Program
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Scientific foundation

The scientific foundation of our approach to encouraging sustainable travel behavior is Organizational Behavior Management (OBM).

Get started with Fynch in 3 steps

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Employees download the Fynch app. Fynch automatically recognizes all forms of transportation and calculates the accompanying CO2 emissions. Employees are automatically rewarded for sustainable and vital mobility.

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Employees can participate in challenges about biking, walking, traveling outside rush hour. One gains immediate insight into one’s own behavior.

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Employees can spend their earned coins, directly from the app at an assortment of exclusive Reward Partners. Employees also accrue a travel allowance. The employer gains insight into various mobility KPIs.

Happy customers

Client cases

Volvo Group Netherlands BV x Fynch

...ultimately found that Fynch offered the most options to meet the needs of our diverse workforce, from mechanics to managers.

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...is supported by Fynch through its innovative mobility platform in achieving the objectives of the new mobility scheme.

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...make expense claims for employees and managers easy and fun again!

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We are here for all your questions about encouraging sustainable travel behavior

What can you buy with the Fynch Coins?

The Fynch Coins can be spent at an exclusive network of Fynch Reward Partners. The overview can be found here.

Can you also redeem your Coins for cash?

No, unfortunately that is not possible. We can, however, in consultation with your employer, set a higher kilometer allowance for sustainable and active mobility. Think of a higher kilometer allowance for cycling, walking and traveling with an electric car.

Offer your employee a flexible mobility budget. Sustainably arranged.

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