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Fynch WPM

Easily comply with the Reporting Requirement WPM

Fynch takes the work completely out of your hands, collects the information and delivers the correct report automatically.


Data collection and control
Intuitive and simple
Reporting in RVO format
Implementation in one day
Scalable and modular
GDPR and Privacy proof
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Fynch Pro

Compliancy and impact

Encourage healthy travel behavior with the easiest platform. Includes comprehensive registration and declaration module and WPM and CSRD reports.

Includes everything from Fynch WPM:

Arranged in a few minutes per month
Custom configuration to provide real-time insight into the CO2 footprint of all transport modes
WPM and CSRD reporting
Employee benefit, through linkage with travel reimbursement
CO2 reduction by rewarding sustainable kilometers
Behavior change based on OBM*.
No longer dependent on multiple suppliers
Fiscus proof
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Fynch Enterprise

Customization and integration

Integrate Fynch Pro with HR, payroll, and reporting software through API links.

Includes everything from Fynch Mobility:

Fynch Mobility
Quarterly performance reviews
Mobility budget (gross-net) per employee
Full integration with payroll, HR or reporting software
Own customer success manager
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Fynch Modules

The Fynch Mobility platform is flexible and scalable because it is built from well-organized modules. View the different modules here.

Frequently asked questions about our pricing and subscriptions

What is the duration of a contract?

The duration of a contract with Fynch is a minimum of 12 months. After that, there is an automatic renewal of 3 months at a time and a notice period of 3 months before the end of the contract date.

What is the implementation process like?

Together with the client, we determine the objectives on CO₂, costs, and vitality. We design a communication and implementation plan. We perform an IT check and configure the Mobility Configurator based on the reimbursements applicable to your company. We also organize a training program for the helpdesk and support. Afterwards, employees download the app and off you go!

What exactly does the Reporting Requirement WPM entail?

The normative regulation of work-related mobility of persons (NRWP) aims to achieve CO2 reductions on work-related person mobility. For business mobility, a maximum norm applies as of the start, 1/1/2022, determined by the Dutch average.

Employers that do not yet meet the standard will have to take actions that lead to fewer business kilometers, increased use of public transport or bicycles, or increased use of cleaner vehicles. The regulation also requires employers to annually report on the work-related mobility of persons. Fynch makes both of these things easy to implement.

Is Fynch GDPR-proof?

When you use the app, data related to location, speed of movement, etc. is generated. This data is processed for display in the app.

At the personal level, your data is not accessible to anyone other than yourself unless an employee is required to view the data to help you with an issue. In addition, the data is stored securely and completely GDPR-proof in our databases. Refer to this in our privacy statement.

Volvo Group Netherlands BV x Fynch

Read how Volvo Group Netherlands meets its sustainability goals and complies with the Reporting Requirement WPM using Fynch Enterprise.

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