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Log all your trips and be rewarded for sustainable travel behaviour with the Fynch App

Who is Fynch for?

About Fynch

It is easy to log all trips, reward sustainable behaviour and gain management information to comply with (future) regulations when using Fynch. Read all about how Fynch helps her customers - like Arcadis, Stedin, foundation the Reisbeweging ("travel movement") and the Drechtsteden (municipalities) - to reach their (sustainable) mobility goals. Or watch our video in which we explain what Fynch can do for you.

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Fynch Platform (web)

The Fynch Platform provides insight into the development of your CO2 emissions caused by mobility. Both on an individual and a group level. The Fynch Platform can also provide insight into damages, traffic tickets, movement, teleconferencing, and avoided rush hour. On top of that, the Fynch Platform also provides access to:

  • The Fynch Shop (part of the rewarding program)
  • ProDrive Learning
  • Your trips overview / invoice module
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Fynch App

The Fynch App solves three problems for you:

  • Automatic trip registration to arrange your travel allowance or compensation for working at home;
  • Reward and stimulate sustainable travel behaviour;
  • Real-time insight into your CO2 emissions caused by mobility and into other KPIs.

The Fynch App is your personal mobility assistant. Fynch automatically logs all your trips made by car, by bicycle, on foot, by plane, or by public transport. Keeping track of your trip registration has never been this easy. You can easily download your trips to Excel or connect Fynch to your HR-software. Besides, Fynch rewards you for sustainable travel behaviour (cycling, walking, working from home, travelling outside rush hours and travelling by public transport) and through gamification Fynch stimulates you to reduce your CO2 emissions.

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Fynch App

ProDrive Learning

An online training that includes interactive content about safe and sustainable driving. You will also learn everything about planning a trip, mobility cards, the PT and about cycling safely on an e-bike. Do you really know everything about safe and sustainable driving?

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ProDrive Learning