Fynch stands for going where you want, when you want, and how you want

A finch moves through the air without limitations. A cheerful and clever little bird with a strong will of its own. We turned it into Fynch, our twist:
Fynch Mobility.

Making impact together

We help organizations achieve carbon-neutral mobility as soon as possible by motivating employees to travel actively and sustainably.

Our mission is to activate 10 million people to travel sustainably and vitally through the Fynch app by 2030.

At Fynch, we welcome new team members from every background possible. Because we believe that a strong and diverse team is the source of success. But: we can only fully harness the power of our team if we find each other in a set of cultural behaviors that we all share and are able to actually live up to in our daily collaboration. With each other, with our partners, and with our customers.

We strive for a culture that reflects our core values: making an impact, exceeding customer expectations, responsibility, simplicity, and fun.

Our 5 core values

Impact together

Together we achieve more than alone. Therefore, making impact together is the foundation of our culture. WE share, work and celebrate our successes as a team, with our partners and with our customers.

Wow the customer

Our customers are number one. Therefore, we do our best to understand them well and ask questions. If they win, we win too!

Own it

We say what we do & do what we say! We learn from our mistakes and keep going – until we make a real impact.

Keep it simple

Simple things work better and provide scale.

Have fun

We work hard and we play hard! Having fun at work is essential for a fun life and to be successful.

The Fynch Team

Joris Smulders CEO & Co-founder
Serge van den Berg CEO & Co-founder
Pieter Ennes CTO
Nina Driel COO & Product Owner
Gerard Vesseur CFO
Richard Essemiah iOS Developer
Johannes de Bruin Commercial Manager
Kevin Balk Backend Developer & App Lead
Marlies van Voorst Customer Success Manager
Mina Ekhtiari Android Developer
Jasper Lammers Application and System Management
Daan Romijn Business IT Intern

Will you be joining our team?

Do you want to use your talents and skills for a better world? Work in an informal and impact-driven team?

Send your CV and motivation to vacature@fynchmobility.com or visit our vacancy page here.

We look forward to meeting you!