Fynch stands for going where you want, when, and how you want.

A finch moves through the air without restrictions. A cheerful and intelligent little bird with a strong will of its own. We turned it into Fynch, our twist: Fynch Smart Mobility.


Fynch Mobility is an impact-driven technology company in Utrecht. Mobility is responsible for 27% of the worldwide CO2 footprint. About half of this is work-related. This is why employers have a huge role in making personal mobility more sustainable, by stimulating and facilitating their employees to travel more sustainably.

Behaviour change through OBM

It remains one of the biggest challenges for mobility professionals: how can I effectively bring about behaviour change in travel behaviour? Answering this question lies at the core of what we do. In our search for the best methodology, we have come across Organizational Behavior Management, a scientific theory of behaviour change.

We’ll save you some time; it boils down to measuring behaviour well before you can change it. You can then attach consequences to it. Positive consequences lead people to show more of the desired behaviour. Negative consequences (such as a traffic ticket) are hoped to stop the behaviour. We attach various positive consequences to the behaviours you want to see more of:

  1. Biking
  2. Walking
  3. Traveling outside rush hour
  4. Traveling by public transport
  5. Not traveling (working from home)

We mainly stimulate users with social rewards such as insight into their own performance and by giving compliments! In addition, we reward with Fynch Coins. These coins can be spent on a range of sustainable products and incentives. We also offer the option to set variable mileage allowances, then users receive a higher allowance for sustainable forms of mobility such as cycling or electric cars.

The Fynch team

Joris Smulders Co-founder & CEO
Serge van den Berg Co-founder & CEO
Pieter Ennes CTO
Gerard Vesseur CFO (Parttime)
Nina Driel COO & Product Owner
Richard Essemiah iOS Developer
Johannes de Bruin Commercial Manager
Kevin Balk Backend Developer & App Lead
Marlies van Voorst Customer Success Manager
Ruslan Brilenkov Data Scientist / Data Engineer
Mina Ekhtiari Android Developer
Jasper Lammers Application Manager / Sysadmin
Meindert Holtappels Intern
Thuiswerkvergoeding app

Join our team?

Do you want to use your talent and skills for a better world? Work in an informal and impact-driven team? Join us! Look at Homerun for open vacancies or send your CV and motivation to vacature@fynchmobility.com. We will contact you soon.

Is Fynch the right fit for your organization?

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