Why Fynch?

Fynch takes work off your hands and delivers significant benefits. Firstly, it assists in easy compliance with carbon reporting requirements as required by the WPM and CSRD. But there’s much more to Fynch: it is a perfect solution for the administration and declaration of kilometers and work from home days, and the configuration of variable kilometer reimbursements. This way, healthy travel behavior is rewarded.

Improved administration and declaration process

Fynch automates the recording and declaration of employee’s commuting, business trips, and work-from-home days. We configure the Fynch App and Mobility Configurator according to your company’s mobility policy. Supplemented with real-time insight into your costs and CO2 emissions and, if desired, combined with a customized mobility card for each employee. This saves both the employee and employer time, simplifies the process, and provides you with an integrated mobility solution.

Easily comply with CO2 reduction legislation

The Dutch Reporting Requirement Work-related Mobility of Persons requires employers to collect and process mobility-related data from various sources. In addition, EU legislation Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) requires large companies from 2024 to report annually on ESG topics such as CO2 emissions, emissions from mobility, impact on biodiversity and human rights.

Fynch offers a simple solution to gain insight into mobility, and accompanying CO2 emissions.

Be an attractive employer

How can I effectively bring about behavioral change in travel behavior? For this, we implement the Organizational Behavior Management (OBM) methodology, a scientific theory of behavior change.

Fynch encourages employees for sustainable behavior. We do this by providing insight into various personal behaviors, through our own Coin rewards program, and through flexibly adjustable mobility reimbursements (KPIs of your company).

Don't wait until July 1st

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