Why Fynch?

Fynch offers your organization a solution for better administration and declaration of kilometers and work-from-home days, assists you in easily complying with CO2 reporting and reduction legislation (WPM & CSRD), and helps you become an attractive employer.

Improved administration and declaration process

Fynch automates the recording and declaration of employee commuting, business trips and work-from-home days. We set up the Fynch App and Mobility Configurator according to your company’s mobility policy. Supplemented with real-time insight into your costs and CO2 emissions and, if desired, combined with a customized mobility card for each employee. This saves both the employee and the employer time, simplifies the process and provides you with an integrated mobility solution.

Easily comply with CO2 reduction legislation

The Dutch Reporting Requirement Work-related Mobility of Persons requires employers to collect and process mobility-related data from various sources. In addition, EU legislation Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) requires large companies from 2024 to report annually on ESG topics such as CO2 emissions, emissions from mobility, impact on biodiversity and human rights.

Fynch offers a simple solution to gain insight into mobility, and accompanying CO2 emissions.

Being an attractive employer

How can I effectively bring about behavioral change in travel behavior? For this, we implement the Organizational Behavior Management (OBM) methodology, a scientific theory of behavior change.

Fynch encourages employees for sustainable behavior. We do this by providing insight into various personal behaviors, through our own Coin rewards program, and through flexibly adjustable mobility reimbursements (KPIs of your company).

Is Fynch also the next step for your organization?

Fynch in 3 steps


Employees download the Fynch app and we set reimbursements based on the mobility policy. All work-from-home days and trips are recorded automatically or manually. Including travel purpose and mode of transportation.

Reiskostenvergoeding App

The employee checks trips and work-from-home days and easily claims from the app. Fynch automatically calculates the monthly reimbursement, which is paid through the salary. Fynch Coins are earned with sustainable trips. These can be exchanged for rewards in the Fynch Shop.

Duurzaam reisgedrag stimuleren

The employer gets insight into CO2 emissions and other mobility KPIs at an aggregated and anonymous level. Employees declare their business and commuting trips more simply and quickly. Fynch interfaces with payroll software.