Why Fynch?

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CO2 reporting obligation

Fynch takes care of the mileage registration and CO2 emission reporting for all business mobility.

This is especially important now that the normative regulation is coming: legislation that will require companies with more than 100 employees to monitor and report this. We provide these insights and the annual report in real-time 24/7 to our customers through the Fynch Impact Monitor.

Our reports are in line with the requirements set by the Dutch government under the normative regulation.

Save time and declare with just one click

We also put the expense claim process on autopilot. We set up the Fynch App and Mobility Configurator according to the mobility policy that your company has.

We use this to calculate for all employees, based on the allowances that apply to your company, the amount of the monthly travel and remote working allowance. We provide this information monthly. In this way, we remove all administrative friction and error sensitivity from these processes.

the report can be uploaded manually or automatically into your company’s payroll software. For this, we work together with, among others, LOKET, AFAS, SAP, VISMA NMBRS, UNIT4, Oracle en HR2day. In addition, we are constantly building new links, see integration partners for more information.

Automate the registering and declaration of travel movements and work from home days

Save time for yourself and your workforce and make mobility administration user-friendly again.

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Stimulate Sustainable and active travel

Fynch encourages employees to adopt sustainable behaviour. We do this by providing insight into various personal behaviours, through our own Coin rewards program and through flexibly adjustable mobility allowances (KPIs of your company).

In the latter case, consider, for example, a higher kilometre allowance for cycling and driving an electric car. Our behaviour change program is based on scientific OBM methodology.

Integrated mobility solution

One app for recording your commute, business trips and remote working days. Combined with a customized mobility card for each employee. Supplemented with real-time insight into your costs and CO2 emissions. We call this an integrated mobility solution. Completely outsourced to Fynch. Of course, the components from our platform are also available as separate components.

ISO 27001

Privacy guaranteed

Fynch has been developed according to the privacy first principle. This means that the user always has control over which data he or she wishes to share with his employer. Nothing is automatically logged, labelled or shared, without the explicit consent of the user. The user can set how long the data is stored by Fynch and how they wish to use the app.

Fynch is ISO27001 certified.

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