Fynch app

fynch app

Automate registration and declaration of trips and remote working days

The Fynch app supports employees daily in automating the registration and declaration of business trips, commuting, and remote working days. This saves employees a lot of time and frustration.

Registration can be done in three ways


With the help of GPS registration, the app starts automatically as soon as the employee begins a travel movement. The app records with 95% accuracy the start and end location, mode of transportation, and route of each trip. The employee indicates whether a trip is for business, personal or commuting purposes.


The employee turns on GPS registration before starting the trip and turns it off at the destination.


The employee manually enters a trip, based on entering the starting and ending addresses. Fynch remembers the last ten locations so that repeated trips can be easily entered.

Automate the registering and declaration of travel movements and work from home days

Save time for yourself and your workforce and make mobility administration user-friendly again.