Fynch App

fynch app

CO2 registration and declaration of trips and work-from-home days on autopilot

The Fynch App supports your employees with daily registration and declaration of business trips, commutes, and home office days. This saves employees a lot of time and aggravation. The App gives you insight into your sustainable and healthy travel results such as cycling, walking, and CO2 emissions.

  • iOS and Android app
  • Manual or automatic trip and work-from-home registration
  • Automatic transport detection (bicycle, car, walking, public transport, flying)
  • Link with RDW vehicle info
  • Trip labeling private, commuting or business
  • Automatic calculation of reimbursements based on company-specific reimbursement rules
  • Insight into personal carbon footprint and performance
  • Behavioral change through gamification
  • Automatic CO2 emission calculation per trip
  • SSO support via Google and Microsoft
  • Sync with Fynch Web Application
  • Declaration of receipts
  • Fiscal and GDPR proof

Registration can be done in three ways

Fully automated with the Fynch App

With autopilot activated, the app automatically starts as soon as the employee initiates a travel movement. The app records with 95% accuracy the start and end location, mode of transportation and route of each trip. The employee specifies whether a trip is business, personal or commuting. Automatic trip recording takes only 3-8% battery and can be paused or turned off at any time.


The employee turns the GPS recording on before starting the trip and off at the final destination.


The employee manually enters a ride through the Web portal or through the Fynch app. This is done based on entering your preferred means of transportation, start address and destination address. Your office and home address are known and Fynch remembers the last ten locations making repeated trips easy to enter.

Did the employee work from home? The employee also simply registers that in the Fynch App with the work from home button.

Trips are only visible to the user. Only declared business trips, commuting trips and home office days are visible to the employer.

The Fynch App is a so-called native app and available for iOS and Android. Employees can use a company license to download the app directly and create an account. Fynch also offers the option for SSO (Single Sign On).

Automate registration of CO2 emissions related to mobility

Save yourself and your workforce time and easily meet CO2 reporting requirements.