Fynch Modules

The Fynch Mobility platform is flexible and scalable as it is designed with clearly arranged modules.

Fynch modules

The Fynch Mobility modules

Fynch App and Web

Fynch registers CO2 emissions, travel, and work-from-home days on autopilot and accurately maps everything. Convenient for your administration and employees don’t have to worry about it. They decide how their travel behavior is registered: manually, fully automatically, or via the start-stop function.

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Fynch Expense Configurator

Together we can configure reimbursement rates for work-from-home days, commuting and business trips according to modality. Employees record all their business trips, commutes, and work-from-home days through the Fynch app or web application on a daily basis. Fynch calculates the amount of travel and work-from-home reimbursement each month.

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Declaratie Module

Fynch Declaration Module

Comply with the tax regulations for net travel expense reimbursement and link the module to your HR system (including excesses report). Approve the declarations via your HR system or via Fynch’s management portal, after which they will be paid out. Simple, right?

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Fynch Analytics

With Fynch Analytics, you receive anonymous and aggregated insight into all employee company mobility. We calculate exactly how much CO2 emissions are involved. Very convenient, especially, with regard to the Dutch Reporting Requirement WPM, for companies with more than 100 employees, and the European Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive – CSRD legislation.

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Fynch Change Program: Changing the behavior of your employees

Employees gain insight into the development of their personal carbon footprint, travel behavior and vitality. As the cherry on top, we also reward them for sustainable and active travel behavior. Employees earn Fynch Coins when cycling, walking, working from home, traveling by public transport and outside rush hour. Fynch challenges your employees to make their travel behavior more sustainable through gamification. From obligation to willingness!

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Declaratie Module 2

Mobility budget

Fynch offers an innovative way to give your employees a flexible mobility budget. As an employer, you determine the amount of the mobility budget. We do the rest.

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Fully customizable to your mobility policy

Every mobility policy is unique, and so is yours. It is convenient, that Fynch is fully adjustable based on the reimbursements from your collective bargaining agreement and/or mobility policy. We also have a large number of best practices from the industry. Therefore, if you find it challenging, our experts are ready to take your mobility policy to the next level.

Integrate Fynch into your HR software

To make things as easy as possible for you, we’ve ensured that Fynch is designed to interface easily with your HR software. Employees can enter their expense reports directly into the payroll system via an API link. Alternatively, employees download a claim report from the app and upload it as an attachment to the payroll system.

Angie Breugelmans - Sustainability Manager Volvo, kiest voor Fynch Mobility

"Fynch assists us in creating the right mindset together. The mindset we need to make our own is that we travel less and when we travel we do so as sustainable as possible."

Angie Breugelmans - Sustainability Manager Volvo, kiest voor Fynch Mobility

Angie Breugelmans , Sustainability Manager, Volvo Trucks Nederland

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"Making our mobility more sustainable is a process in which we keep going upwards to achieve the next level of ambition. Fynch is an important partner in crime in this area"

Yoeri Schenau, Sustainability Lead, Arcadis

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The innovative Fynch App automatically registers all your employees’ trips and work-from-home days. Fynch recognizes whether you cycle, walk, use public transport, or travel by car. It also provides insight into all mobility-related CO2 emissions of your company.

Hassle-free administration

Based on the recorded travel behavior and the amount of reimbursements that apply to your company, we calculate the travel reimbursements. This is easily entered into the salary system. As a result, you only reimburse untaxed trips and work-from-home days that occurred. Proof for the tax authorities is generated automatically.

Analyze travel behavior and make adjustments

No complicated analyses, but real-time insight into travel behavior and CO2 emissions. Adjust and optimize where necessary to minimize your costs and CO2 footprint. Data is fully anonymized and aggregated.

Gamify mobility with rewards

It continues to be one of the biggest challenges for mobility professionals: how to effectively bring about behavioral change related to travel behavior. With Fynch, the app rewards employees with Fynch Coins for sustainable and active travel. These coins can be spent on a range of sustainable products and incentives.

Fynch-klant-Censo-in Arval-Podcast

Automate registration of CO2 emissions related to mobility

Save yourself and your workforce time and easily meet CO2 reporting requirements.