Provide your employees with a flexible mobility budget

Fynch offers an innovative way to give your employees a mobility budget. This is an attractive alternative to the lease car for many employees. As an employer, you determine the rules for a fixed or flexible mobility budget. The employee registers and declares his or her trips and home office days each month via the Fynch platform. We automatically calculate the net and gross monthly reimbursement. Fynch takes care of the complete administration and links with your payroll.

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How does the Fynch Mobility Budget work?

As an employer, you determine all the conditions for a fixed or flexible mobility budget and set the reimbursement rules. The Fynch Configurator offers all the flexibility for differentiated kilometer reimbursements, for example, giving the bicycle a higher reimbursement than the car or allowing public transport travel also privately. Employees easily keep track of all trips and home office days with the Fynch App and Web portal. Based on the amount of reimbursements that apply, we calculate the amount of net travel and home office reimbursement each month. Along with any traveled public transportation and shared mobility transactions, we calculate the net and gross monthly reimbursements and process that through payroll.

Rewards sustainable and smart choices

Give employees a higher kilometer allowance for biking, walking and EV travel. Encourage working from home or instead promote working at the office. Make use of all tax advantages such as exchanges and untaxed private use of public transport. Very simply through one mobility platform.

Reimburses travel and home office expenses in accordance with tax laws

No longer reimburse fixed, untaxed travel expenses. Reimburse only the actual kilometers traveled and home office days. Monitor CO2 emissions per business kilometer for CO2 reporting requirements.

A flexible mobility budget. Organized in 3 steps.


We set the amount of kilometer reimbursement for each mode of transportation in accordance with the mobility policy. Employees download the Fynch App. This makes registering commuting trips, business trips and work-from-home days very easy. Fynch automatically recognizes all forms of transport and calculates the personal CO2 footprint.


The employee checks the trips and home office days and declares them monthly. We calculate the monthly amount of net travel and work-from-home reimbursement. Together with the possible public transport and shared mobility transactions, which are deducted from the mobility budget. The calculated amounts are entered directly into the payroll software.


The employer receives insight into costs, CO2 emissions and other mobility KPIs on an aggregated and anonymized level. The reporting meets the requirements of the CO2 reporting requirement.

Offer your employee a flexible mobility budget. Sustainably arranged.

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We are here to answer all your questions about the mobility budget

Who can view my mobility data?

Your personal data is visible only to you unless an employee needs to view the data to help you with a problem. The data are stored anonymously in the database and can be processed at an aggregate level (big data). In this case, the individual data points can never be traced back to your account. All data is stored securely and completely GDPR-proof in our database, see our privacy statement..

All the data we collect from you is processed in the app. Here you can also view your data yourself. It is also possible to use the export function to export your data over a self-selected period to Excel.

Which rewards can be awarded when using Fynch?

Fynch has several partners offering sustainable products/services in the Fynch Shop. Offering discounts on sustainable clothing, travel products, and food.

Do you have sustainable products/services and would you like to offer them in the Fynch Shop (at a reduced rate)? Please contact us to discuss a potential partnership.

What does the Reporting Requirement Work-related Mobility of Persons entail?

The Reporting Requirement Work-related Mobility of Persons has the goal of reducing the CO2 emissions caused by work-related personal mobility. For business-related mobility, a maximum standard will apply from 1/1/2024 onwards, based on the Dutch average.

Employers who are not yet complying with the standard will have to implement change leading to fewer business-related kilometers, higher use of public transport or bike, or greater use of cleaner vehicles. The standard also obliges employers to present an annual report of their business-related mobility. Fynch makes complying with this standard easy and attainable.

Is Fynch GDPR-proof?

When using the app, data regarding your location, movement speed, etc. is generated. This data is processed and displayed in the app.

Your personal data is only visible to you unless a colleague has to view the data to solve a problem. Additionally, all data in the database is securely stored and saved GDPR-proof. See our privacy statement.

Can I choose when Fynch registers my traveling movements?

You set whether Fynch records your travel movements automatically. You can also choose to enter your travel movements manually or turn Fynch on only when you are actually traveling.