Mobility Configurator

Activate your mobility policy

Every company is different and has different rules and reimbursements in its mobility policy. That’s why we offer the option to set specific “rules” in the Fynch Mobility Configurator. Examples of this include:

  • Amount of work-from-home reimbursement
  • Amount of kilometer reimbursement per mode of transportation
  • Amount of kilometer reimbursement per commuting and business trip
  • Minimal distance for reimbursement
  • Maximum distance for reimbursement
  • Fixed commuting distance per employee
  • Sustainability bonus based on rewarding desired behavior KPIs

Once the mobility configurator is set up, Fynch automatically calculates the amount of reimbursement per employee. Fynch is happy to help you set up the configurator based on our various best-practice mobility arrangements.

Fynch Plug & Play

Integrate Fynch into your HR software

To make things as easy as possible for you, we’ve ensured that Fynch is designed to interface easily with your HR software. Employees can enter their expense reports directly into the payroll system via an API link. Alternatively, employees download a claim report from the app and upload it as an attachment to the payroll system.