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Time for a new mobility policy

A lot is changing in the field of mobility. How do you adapt your mobility policy to this? And how do you stimulate sustainable and vital mobility and ensure that this simultaneously helps you to be an attractive employer?


Hybrid working

Place- and time-independent working has taken off and is now being put into practice by many companies. Employees generally find hybrid working very enjoyable, in part because of the flexibility it offers them. However, this requires employers to look differently at how travel and home working days are reimbursed. This requires user-friendly registration for the employee.



Employers will no longer be allowed to pay fixed, untaxed travel reimbursements as of Jan. 1, 2022; only trips actually made and home working days will be eligible for untaxed reimbursement. The burden of proof and obligation to keep records lies with the employer, but this obligation can also lead to a lot of extra administration for employees. More info from the tax authorities can be found in the Handboek Loonheffingen 2023.

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Employees’ CO2 emissions registration obligation

Effective Jan. 1, 2024, the Normative Regulation Work-related Personal Mobility will be implemented for employers with over 100 employees.

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Attractive employer

Being an attractive employer is vital in these times of unprecedented tightness in the labor market. Offering a mobility policy that gives employees maximum flexibility and freedom of choice contributes to this. Also, recently published research shows that more than 65% of young Dutch people consider the climate impact of employers an important factor when looking for a job.

An attractive mobility arrangement. You organize it with Fynch!

Without Fynch
  • Manual declarations
  • Not flexible
  • Not sustainable
  • No appealing reimursements
  • Challenging to claim
  • No insight
  • No behavioral change program
With Fynch
  • Fynch app
  • Flexible
  • Stimulates sustainable travel
  • Appealing reimbursements
  • Easy to declare
  • Real time 24/7 insight into CO2
  • Behavioral change program
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fynch app

Fynch App

Our mobility app tracks the CO2 emissions of all your employees on a daily basis. The Fynch App supports the employee in registering and declaring business trips, commuting trips and home working days. This saves employees a lot of time and hassle.

Getting started with Fynch in 3 steps

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Employees download the Fynch App. It makes recording commutes, business trips and home office days very easy. Fynch automatically recognizes all forms of transportation and calculates the accompanying CO2 emissions.


The employee monitors trips and home office days and claims them monthly and sustainable trips earn Fynch Coins. These can be exchanged for rewards in the Fynch Shop.


The employer receives insight into CO2 emissions and other mobility KPIs on an aggregated and anonymized level. The reporting meets the requirements of the Normative Regulation Work-related Personal Mobility.

Happy customers

Client cases


...is supported by Fynch through its innovative mobility platform in achieving the objectives of the new mobility scheme.

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...implemented Fynch as part of a new modern mobility scheme.

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Volvo Group Netherlands BV x Fynch

...ultimately found that Fynch offered the most options to meet the needs of our diverse workforce, from mechanics to managers.

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We are here for all your questions about your mobility policy

Can you help me draft a new mobility policy?

Yes, we help customers do this. We do this by sharing various best practices from our clients. We can also help with the design of a new mobility plan. We do this either with our own team of consultants or we work with partners to do this.

Do you also offer a mobility budget solution?

Yes, we do. We offer mobility cards from NS, MTC as well as Maas services for this purpose. Using split billing of business mobility and private mobility, we calculate the net compensation each month. You can read more about this here.

Offer your employee a flexible mobility budget. Sustainably arranged.

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