Mobility as a Service (MaaS), what exactly is it?

Mobility as a Service is the combination of all kinds of transport via smart services, in order to travel from A to B quickly and conveniently. Think of public transport, the (shared) car, cab or shared bike. It is based on accurate and up-to-date information about all available transport options, which you easily reserve, book and pay for.

A customized solution for every employee

Whether you drive a (electric) car and/or travel with public transport and/or shared transportation, we offer a customized solution for every employee. With a mobility card, you are able to travel with public transport, use shared transportation, and recharge and refuel throughout the Netherlands and Europe. We offer an integrated solution for a complete mobility policy.

For the best advice, we work with carefully chosen partners such as MoveMove, MultiTankcard (MTC) and the NS-Business Card. Thanks to these collaborations, we can give you the best independent advice that allows your employees to travel cost-effectively and smart.

Offer your employee a flexible mobility budget. Sustainably arranged.

MoveMove combi pas en laadsleutel

MoveMove card

With the MoveMove refuel and recharge card you are able to refuel at all gas stations in the Netherlands. We also offer additional services: electric charging, refueling abroad, public transport, car wash, and automotive fluids. This way all your business-related traveling expenses are conveniently arranged on one invoice for maximum VAT refund.

Refueling and electric charging everywhere

Refuel everywhere in the Netherlands and at DKV gas stations in Europe. And with the MoveMove charging card, you are able to recharge at all public charging stations in the Netherlands.

Save fuel costs

At MoveMove you consistently pay the actual gas station fuel price in the Netherlands. Use the MoveMove app to compare the gas prices of all gas stations to get the best fuel price.

All your traveling expenses on one invoice

Display all traveling expenses on one monthly or weekly invoice. The invoice can be uploaded directly into your accounting system or forwarded to your accountant.

Choose your own mode of transportation

Use MoveMove for effortless refueling, recharging, parking or public transport.

Everything for a fixed amount

From €6,95 per month (excl. VAT). Fynch customers get the first 3 months off.

Appealing terms and conditions

No one-time costs, no costs per transaction and the MoveMove card can be terminated on a monthly basis! Standard limit of €200,- per day and €1000,- per month.

Request a MoveMove card

With Fynch Mobility you get an 3-month free trial. This applies to a maximum of 12 cards. If you would like to request more cards or at the same time subscribe to the Fynch app, please contact us for a customised proposal.

ns business card

NS-Business Card

Fynch is a facilitator of NS-Business Card. The NS Business Card is the most widely used public transport card in the Netherlands. The NS Business Card is free and can be used without balance in all forms of public and shared transport throughout the Netherlands (travel on account). The advantages of an NS Business Card are the appealing subscriptions you can take out. This saves costs and is also an appealing fringe benefit.

  • 40% discount during off-peak hours, weekends and holidays
  • Shared travel discount for 3 fellow travelers
  • Unlimited travel on a fixed route
  • Shared mobility (Greenwheels, Check, OV-fiets and TIER)

Fynch unburdens the employer and employee regarding the business and private use of the card. Employees indicate the purpose of their travel: commuting, business or private. Private travel is deducted from wages.



MultiTankcard is a reliable payment platform and market leader in the field of fuel cards and charge cards. With 30 years of experience and 500,000 active cards in the Netherlands, MultiTankcard knows how the business driver wants to be relieved in the area of refueling and charging. Traveling from A to B should be easy and smart. Using different forms of transport or a combination of them.

MultiTankcard offers a mobility network on which everything comes together. MultiTankcard’s platform authorizes, processes, and invoices all transactions in the field of mobility. From refueling, charging, washing, and parking to the use of public transport.

Fynch has joined this platform so you can use these services worry-free. With the benefit of all the usage and all your business travel expenses on one monthly bill.

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