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Instructions for Realme

Check the following settings if there are problems that the measurement is not (correctly) taken:

  1. Choose Phone settings > Additional Settings > Device & Privacy > Location Information > choose ‘High accuracy‘.
  2. Choose Phone settings > Additional Settings > Device & Privacy > Location  Information > Apps Using GPS in Background.
  3. Go to Phone settings > Battery:
    – Power saving mode: turn OFF
    – Super Power saving mode: turn OFF
    – App Battery management > choose our app from the list > turn ON all 3 options ‘Allow foreground activity‘, ‘Allow background activity‘ and ‘Allow auto-launch
    – Power saver options: turn OFF option ‘Sleep standby optimization
    – Performance mode: turn ON option ‘No Performance Improvement’
  4. And/Or: Disable the battery optimizations for our app:
    – Go to Phone settings > Battery & performance > turn OFF ‘Battery saver
    – Go to Phone settings > Apps > Manage apps > our app > Battery saver > set ‘No restrictions‘.
    –  Go to Phone settings > Battery & performance > App battery saver > our app > set ‘No restrictions‘.

If you continue to have issues with trip registration, please contact our support team.

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