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Instructions for Fairphone

Settings for a Fairphone

  • Go to Phone Settings > Apps & Notifications > tap “Advanced” at the bottom > choose Special Access > select “Battery Optimization” at the top of the screen > tap the “Not Optimized” button > choose “All Apps” > choose Fynch > choose “Don’t Optimize” .


  • Go to Phone settings > Battery > 3 dots menu or “More” menu at the top right > Battery optimization > show “All apps” > choose Fynch > set “Do not optimize”.

And/Or on old devices:

  • Go to Phone Settings > Battery & Power Saver > Battery Usage > Ignore Optimizations > toggle the switch ON to ignore battery optimization for Fynch.

And/Or on newer devices:

  • Go to Phone Settings > Apps > choose Fynch > Battery > Optimize Battery Usage > “All” (top) > go to Fynch and toggle the switch OFF.


  • Go to Quick settings > Battery > DISABLE Battery Saver.
  • Go to Phone Settings > Location > Modes > DO NOT select Battery Saver.

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