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Instructions for Fairphone

Check the following settings if there are problems that the measurement is not (correctly) taken:

  1. Go to Phone settings > Apps & notifications > tap ‘Advanced‘ at the bottom > choose ‘Special access’ > select ‘Battery optimization‘ at the top of the screen > tap the ‘Not Optimized‘ button > choose ‘All Apps‘ > choose our app > choose ‘Don’t optimize‘.
  2. And/Or:
    Go to Phone settings > Battery > 3 dots menu or ‘More’ menu at the top right > Battery optimization > show ‘All apps’ > choose our app > choose ‘Don’t optimize‘.
  3. And/Or on old devices:
    Go to Phone settings > Battery & power saving Battery usage > Ignore optimizations > turn ON to ignore battery optimization for our app.
    And/Or on newer devices:
    Go to Phone settings > Apps > our app > Battery > Optimize battery usage > ‘All’ (from the top) > go to our app and toggle the switch OFF.
  4. And/Or:
    Go to Quick settings > Battery > turn Battery saver OFF.
    Go to Phone settings > Location > Mode > do NOT select Battery saving.

If you continue to have issues with trip registration, please contact our support team.

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