We are proud to announce the following partners in the Fynch marketplace:

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Bendl - Bendl creates sustainable belts made of old, discarded firehoses. The belts are made in collaboration with a social workplace, so this company is both good for the environment and people!

BE O - BE O makes a modular drinking bottle to reduce the use of plastic bottles. Their bottle can be used over-and-over-again, and eventually can be recycled itself. It is designed and produced in the Netherlands to reduce transport emissions, and BE O plants a tree for every sold bottle.

BikeFlip - BikeFlip is a circular bike rental company for secondhanded bikes for kids. They collect kids' bikes at the bike depot when the owners don't pick up the bikes. When your kid grows, he/she can easily swap the bike for a bigger one at BikeSwap, and the old bike will go to someone younger.

Blooms out of the Box - This box, in which your plants are transported, is made of sustainable products. But that is not all, the transport box is simultaneously the pot in which you can grow your plants. So, no packaging is wasted.

De Krekerij - Do you think insects are scary to eat? That's a pity because they have a high nutritional value and a low ecological impact. De Krekerij makes tasty burgers, meatballs, and more from crickets.

EcoNidra - EcoNidra provides relaxation sessions with a series of nature-based visualizations, the technique Rotation of Consciousness, and professionally recorded nature sounds from around the world. This way you can relax your mind, emotions, and body.

Ecostoof - When you heat your food and then put it in this stove, your food will be cooked without using gas or electricity. And it doesn't even take much longer to make a delicious meal!

EEK - This coffee is more than just tasty because it is also good for our planet: it is climate positive, 100% natural, and certified. Knowing this, your coffee will taste even better.

Farmed Today - Farmed Today directly buys groceries from their partners which are selected based on their environmental impact and transparency. They offer fair prices for both the local producers and their customers. This way, they try to make the entire supply chain more sustainable.

Garmin - Garmin makes all kinds of gadgets to measure your exercise performance to make you exercise more. Their motto is "built for the future", so your products will last for a long time. Thus, healthy and sustainable.

Il Circolo - Il Circolo makes sustainable olive oil: no pesticides or chemicals are used and the farming is done in a sustainable and responsible way. Furthermore, farmers get a fair price for the olives. Thus, the olive oil is both good for the planet and people.

Iron Roots - Exercising is good for you, but your sporting clothes often release microplastics. Iron Roots makes sporting clothes without the use of plastics, thus without microplastics.

JUNGL - JUNGL makes swimwear of recycled fishnets and other nylon waste. Simultaneously, JUNGL tries to raise awareness for the extinction of sea animals.

Looped Goods - Looped Goods is a collaboration of Dutch and Flemish producers that contribute to a circular society. They reduce transport and the use of packaging as much as possible.

Mesjokke - Mesjokke makes sustainable chocolate bars! They offer the farmers a fair price through Direct Trade and then make the chocolate bars themselves from bean to bar. This way, you can enjoy your chocolate bar even more!

Mindstrength - This online program offers you mediations, cognitive tools, and masterclasses to make you more relaxed. You can start a new session whenever suits your best.

MOYU - MOYU makes notebooks of stonepaper, so you can re-use every page up to 500 times. So, no more trees need to be cut down for your notes, because now you will have a notebook that will last for years!

Retulp - Retulp makes reusable bottles made of stainless steel, so you can use this bottle over and over again. For every bottle you buy, they donate 1000x the volume in liters of water to developing countries.

Seats2Meet Utrecht Centraal - Working at home may not always be possible, but instead of travelling all the way to your office, just bike to S2M in your city. Work, meet, and collaborate on this location.

SKOT - SKOT makes clothing for men. They only use recycled materials, certified biologic cotton, and fair-trade materials. They are transparent about their production process, which allows you to check their work.

Smyle - The packaging of toothpaste isn't sustainable at all, so Smyle developed capsules in glass bottles. You can recycle and refill the bottle. That makes the daily exercise of brushing your teeth better for our planet.

Suite702 - Suite702 makes a luxurious bath and bed collection. They have the GOTS label, which is a strict sustainability quality mark that guarantees that the entire production process is sustainable and socially responsible.

Sustainable Fashion Giftcard - This gift card can be spent at over 70 sustainable fashion brands, (web)shops, clothing libraries, and experiences, such as workshops. All to make your clothing choices more sustainable!

Tribes - Working at home may not always be possible, but instead of travelling all the way to your office, just bike to Tribes in your city. Work, meet, and collaborate in this inspiring environment.

Waka Waka - This power bank, including a flashlight, uses solar energy to charge. When you buy one, they donate one to children that don't have access to safe and sustainable light.

Wollaa - Wollaa makes sustainable baby products made of Dutch sheep wool (local, so fewer transport emissions) and recycled PET bottles. Furthermore, research showed that when kids encounter wool in the first months of their life, this enhances the natural way of their respiratory tract. This makes Wollaa both good for the environment and your kid.