KarTent started in 2015 with a cardboard sleeping tent for festivals. With this tent there was finally a sustainable alternative to the many plastic tents that are left behind after the festivals: a 100% recyclable cardboard tent, the KarTent!

In 2019, KarTent was active worldwide: in Europe, Australia, New Zealand and the United States. Due to the Covid outbreak, and all canceled festivals, KarTent has had to reinvent itself. A large number of products were developed in no time. From laptop stands and wastebaskets to lamps, playhouses and slides. KarTent now makes everything from cardboard.

They believe that cardboard is more than just a packaging material. Cardboard is recyclable, light, very sturdy and can be produced and transported efficiently. In addition, cardboard is easy to decorate, which means that cardboard toys stimulate creativity.

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