ONWINE founded by Casper, Gijs and Aad is the platform where you order wine directly from the winery. Without a middleman and especially without unnecessary chain costs. The small wine farmers of ONWINE receive a fair and full amount for their products. The transaction is directly between you and the winery and they pack your order themselves and ship it directly to your front door. Skip the unnecessary middleman and order directly from the winemaker for a fair (wine) world!

In February 2021 we started with 15 befriended winemakers in Piedmont and in the meantime we have grown into a versatile platform with a selection of numerous winemakers from all regions of Italy who can ship to lovers in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany.

Our goal is to continue this growth and connect many more winemakers and wine lovers to shake up the wine world even further!

With sustainable travel behavior, you can get a 20% discount on one of these three Luxury Wine packages in the Fynch app.

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