WakaWaka (‘bright light’ in Swahili) is a Dutch start-up and a social enterprise, a company for which the social mission is more important than making a profit.

More than a billion people in the world have no access to electricity. Out of necessity, harmful kerosene lamps are often used.

They are a fire hazard, lead to lung problems and are also expensive to use. WakaWaka replaces the kerosene lamp and offers not only safe light, but also the possibility to charge a mobile phone. That way, people in need can stay in touch with friends and family at a distance.

But WakaWaka also helps to generate income in off-grid areas in Africa, Latin America and Asia. When the sun goes down, entrepreneurs and families have extra time to work, keep a shop open, or study.

WakaWaka’s products are not only necessary in developing countries and crisis areas, they are also extremely useful here. Handy for traveling, camping, or during the day when your phone is empty.

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