Worldwide, 30 football fields of forest are cleared every minute. That’s 15 billion trees a year.

The paper industry is number 3 of the biggest drivers of this massive deforestation.

That is why MOYU makes writing articles from erasable stone paper. This paper is free from trees, water and bleach. It is also rewritable 500 times and very recyclable.

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ONWINE is a wine platform that makes a difference for winemakers and wine lovers. The platform is a product of love and frustration. Love for the local winemaker and wine with a story and frustration because of the somewhat narrow-minded and conservative wine world.

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Mobimiles is a reward program for employees of companies and institutions who commute to and from work and make business trips in a sustainable manner.

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Asured's Excess Car Rental Insurance is the ideal solution when you rent a car. Should you have unexpected damage on the road, the excess and the retained deposit will be reimbursed.

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Makes everything from 100% recyclable cardboard.

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