Imagine lying on your back and being gently guided on a journey through your body, your senses and (the sounds of) mother nature.

EcoNIDRA is a form of Yoga Nidra, brought together with elements from Forest Therapy and the healing effects of nature. It is a deep relaxation, in which you are guided by my voice to the space between waking and sleeping.

Are you ready to relax and revitalize the entire ecosystem of your mind and body? Who knows what possible transformation – large and small – could result from this.

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Asured's Excess Car Rental Insurance is the ideal solution when you rent a car. Should you have unexpected damage on the road, the excess and the retained deposit will be reimbursed.

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Makes everything from 100% recyclable cardboard.

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Watt Mobility

WATT is the city bike to get out and about. Every day. Whistling to work. Wind with the style that suits you. Carefree electric.

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Dutch e-bikes that stand for good quality, unique design and a pleasant seat height

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