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The 14 best trip registration apps of this moment

Whether you are a business owner who drives a lot for work, or an employer responsible for the (business) travel behavior of your employees: trip registration is an essential activity for many.

You could, of course, try to keep track of all these trips manually. You’ll probably soon find yourself drowning in paperwork. Fortunately, there are a lot of convenient trip-tracking apps on the market. We have listed the current best apps for you below.

Is trip registration mandatory for your company?

No, trip registration is not necessarily mandatory for your business. However, it does help you when you exclusively use the lease car for business trips and need to organize your burden of proof for the tax authorities.

After all, you can then easily indicate that you only used the lease car for business purposes. In addition, trip registration is also useful for the upcoming Normative Regulation Work-related Mobility of Persons, which, by the way, is now called the Reporting Requirement Work-related Mobility of Persons.

While trip registration may not be mandatory, it is very important. Want to register your trips, too? With the following trip registration apps, you will definitely get there.

A list of the 14 best trip registration apps of this moment 

We have selected the following trip registration apps. When making the selection, we paid attention to characteristics such as:

  • Platform
  • Costs
  • Vehicles
  • Registration type

At the end of this article, you will have a better idea of ​​which trip registration apps are available, and which one best suits your specific situation.

1. Fynch Mobility

Fynch registers the travel and work-from-home days with the accompanying CO2 emissions on autopilot and maps everything accurately. Handy for your administration and employees don’t have to worry about it. You decide how travel behavior is registered: manually, fully automatic, or with the start-stop function. All you have to do is download the Fynch app.

With Fynch you also get anonymized and aggregated insight into all your travel behavior and the company mobility of your employees. This way you can see exactly how much CO2 emissions are involved. Very handy, of course, with the CO2 emission measurement obligation for companies with more than 100 employees in prospect.


Available on: iOS, Android

Costs self-employed: 30-days free trial, afterward €5,95 per month

Costs SME & Enterprise: Depends on the number of licenses, contact us for more information

Mode of transportation: All modes of transportation (automatically registered)

Registration type: Manual, fully automatic, start-stop function

Highlight: Fynch Mobility includes a behavioral change program


2. Cartracker TripRegistration

With Cartracker you can efficiently deploy every vehicle in your fleet, using live Track and Trace and a special fleet management tool. In the journey registration dashboard, you get extra insight and you can easily generate reports.

Trip registration works via a Plug & Play dongle. It is also possible to have hardwired black boxes installed. The latter has a start/stop system and driver identification. Perfect for the somewhat larger fleets.


Available on: iOS, Android

Costs: From €5 per car per month (excl. hardware/installation costs)

Mode of transportation: Motorized vehicles

Registration type: Fully automatic

3. Easy ride

This well-arranged app lets you register your rides both in real-time and afterward. The app is completely ad-free and makes it possible to export ride registration to an Excel file. You do this via the online management environment, My EasyRit. You can also have your report sent periodically.

The Easyrit app is mainly aimed at a few users. However, Fleer Manager 2.0 has also been developed for companies. For a price indication, you should contact the company itself.


Available on: iOS, Android

Costs: From €24 per quarter (excl. VAT)

Mode of transportation: All means of transport (manual switching)

Registration type: Manual, fully automatic

4. CTA Ride Registration

This basic app convinces more based on price than on the functionalities it offers. It should also be noted that the app is only available for Android systems. CTA Rit Registratie is therefore mainly a handy app for the self-employed.

As we have already indicated, the price is mainly a convincing factor. CTA Ride Registration is free to use, although you do have in-app advertising and you can then export a maximum of 10 rides to Excel. If you pay €3.99 once, these limits are removed and you get a number of features, such as a Dropbox integration and backup options.


Available on: Android

Costs: From €3.99 (once)

Mode of transportation: All means of transport (manual switching)

Registration type: Manual, fully automatic

5. Ride Meter

RitMeter is an app in which you manually indicate when a ride starts and when it ends. Quite a bit of manual work, but on the other hand, this app costs you nothing. However, RitMeter automatically sends you a report of your journeys by email every week and every month.

Your rides are tracked via the GPS on your phone, so if you carefully indicate when you leave and arrive you don’t have to buy any further equipment. You can also try the app for free for another 6 weeks.


Available on: iOS, Android

Costs: From € 2.23 per month

Mode of transportation: Motorized vehicles

Type of registration: Manual

6. Track Assistant

With the journey registration app from Track Assistant, you can record your journeys automatically or manually with your smartphone. This solution works well for lease drivers, freelancers, but Track Assistant can also offer a way out for fleet managers.

For Android use, the ride is automatically tracked from the moment you get in until you get off again. Do you have an iPhone? Then you will have to purchase an iBeacon to be able to use the same functionality.


Available on: iOS, Android

Costs: From €5 per month

Mode of transportation: Motorized vehicles

Registration type: Manual, fully automatic, semi-automatic

7. AlphaGuide

AlphaGuide is a free app for lease drivers that does more than just log rides and mileage. With this app, you can easily pay fines, submit declarations for fuel or maintenance, and check whether you have to report damage.

This app is certainly a godsend for Alphabet lease drivers: they can also gain insight into their lease contract via the app and report damage directly in the app. The disadvantage of using AlphaGuide is that you have to enter all journeys manually.


Available on: iOS, Android

Cost: Free

Mode of transportation: Motorized vehicles

Type of registration: Manual

8. RouteReg

RouteReg is an app that helps to register car journeys for trip registration or mileage declarations. After a one-time purchase cost of €6.99, there are no further subscription costs associated with using the app. Unfortunately, this app can only be used on iOS devices.

The app has a handy dashboard in which you can keep an eye on your travel behavior and kilometers driven. Trip registration works via Hotspot registration, based on the GPS function of your smartphone. You can also purchase a Bluetooth Smart tag to automatically register when you enter or exit your vehicle.


Available on: iOS

Costs: €6.99 (one-time)

Mode of transportation: Motorized vehicles

Registration type: Manual, fully automatic

9. My GPS Tracker

The mileage and journey registration service of My GPS Tracker is a bit of a black sheep in this list since it is not really a (mobile) app here. You use the My GPS Tracker web portal in combination with either a wired tracker or an OBD tracker (plug-in).

After this, you can receive complete reports by email, view all trips, routes, and addresses, and register trips automatically. The My GPS Tracker system has also been specially developed to work in accordance with the requirements of the Tax Authorities.


Available on: Windows, MacOS

Costs: From €35.75 per vehicle per month (excl. min. €99 installation costs)

Mode of transportation: Motorized vehicles

Registration type: Fully automatic

10. TimeChimp

First and foremost, TimeChimp is a simple and innovative time-tracking platform with a free-to-use mobile app. In addition to time registration, project management, and HRM functionalities, you can also use TimeChimp for journey registration.

You can easily perform the journey registration on your phone or tablet so that you always have your journey administration at hand. Export these to Excel or PDF and automatically invoice journeys to customers. TimeChimp also integrates with Google Maps and Trips in the Could (by means of a GPS tracker) to automatically register addresses and distances.


Available on: iOS, Android

Costs: From €10 per user per month

Mode of transportation: Motorized vehicles

Registration type: Manual, fully automatic

11. FleetGO

The FleetGO is completely closed, fully automatic, and works via a GPS system. You do have to install a FleetGO black box in your vehicle, but this also accurately records all journey data.

All of this is designed to be as accountable as possible to the tax authorities. With FleetGO you can also use a free downloadable mobile app. Here, administrators can easily gain insight into the fleet, and drivers and drivers can easily enter details of trips.


Available on: iOS, Android

Costs: From €7 per vehicle per month (excl. installation costs)

Mode of transportation: Motorized vehicles

Registration type: Manual, fully automatic, semi-automatic

12. Fleet Complete

Fleet Complete is another trip registration solution that unfortunately does not work with a (mobile) app. You will therefore have to arrange all journey registration via the Fleet Complete platform in your browser. You are also dependent on the installation of the GPS system in the vehicles whose journeys you want to register.

The advantages of using Fleet Complete are that trip registration works fully automatically, and you can also get a view of the location of each vehicle. Handy for planning larger logistics operations. The system also has a private switch, so that privacy is guaranteed.


Available on: Windows, MacOS

Cost: On request

Mode of transportation: Motorized vehicles

Registration type: Manual, fully automatic

13. Gecko

With Gekko Ritten you register business trips and kilometers, and you can easily keep track of your routes. You can do this manually or automatically, based on real-time GPS tracking. You can manage multiple cars, but you can also track trips with alternative means of transport such as bicycle or public transport.

Have you ever missed a ride? With the Google Maps-based Trip Calculator, you can easily top up missed dates. You can view the overviews online and immediately invoice customers.


Available on: iOS, Android

Cost: Free for individual entrepreneurs (limited features) / €12,- for a company profile (+5 EUR per additional user)

Mode of transportation: All means of transport

Registration type: Manual, fully automatic, semi-automatic

14. DigiVAT

DigiBTW is primarily an online accounting program for freelancers. The reason we put this software on this list is because it offers a complete solution for many accounting challenges of freelancers; as well as ride registration.

For €10 per month, you have a complete online accounting platform at your disposal. Here you can easily keep track of journeys and kilometers made and record different means of transport. Also, register your mileage allowance and process it automatically with the rest of your administration.


Available on: Microsoft, MacOS

Costs: €10 per month (€8.33 if you pay annually)

Means of transport: All means of transport

Type of registration: Manual


Do you know any trip registration apps that we have forgotten? Let us know! We are happy to add it to this list. Do you want to get started with trip registration yourself, and do you need advice? Contact us – our experts are happy to show you what Fynch can do for you

Starting with trip registration and insight into CO2 emissions? Fynch Mobility makes it easy! Contact

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