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Fynch SME

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For growing organizations that want to offer employees the convenience of kilometer and work-from-home expense administration, while keeping sustainability and vitality at the forefront.

Includes all components from Fynch yearly

Extra with Fynch SME:

Company account
Declaration Module
Impact Monitor
Personal employee profiles
Declaration of fixed commuting distance

With every Fynch standard subscription we plant a tree via Trees for All.

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Fynch Enterprise

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For larger companies that are looking for an integrated, tailor-made solution that aligns with their mobility policy and HR processes.

Includes all components from Fynch SME

Extra with Fynch Enterprise:

Guidance on implementation and communication
Configuring custom mobility policies
Annual report for the Reporting Requirement Work-related Mobility of Persons
Personalized behavior change program
Declaration by project code
Declaration on mobility budget
Single Sign On (SSO)
Synchronizing employee files
HR/Payroll software link
Transaction data link
Mobility cards

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Volvo Group Netherlands BV x Fynch

Discover how Fynch suits you best

Discover how Volvo Group Netherlands uses Fynch Enterprise to achieve its sustainability goals and comply with the Reporting Requirement Work-related Mobility of Persons.

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FAQ about our rates and subscriptions

What is the duration of a contract?

The duration of a contract with Fynch is at least 12 months. After that, there is an automatic extension of 3 months at a time and a notice period of 3 months before the end of the contract date.

What does the implementation process look like?

Together with the customer, we determine the CO2 targets, costs and vitality. We draw up a communication and implementation plan. We perform an IT check and configure the Mobility Configurator based on the reimbursements that apply to your company. We also organize a training program for the helpdesk and support. Afterward, employees download the app, and off you go!

What exactly do the NRWP regulations mean?

The normative regulation for work-related personal mobility (NRWP) aims to achieve a CO2 reduction in work-related personal mobility. Based on the Dutch average, Business-related mobility is subject to a maximum standard from the start (1/1/2022).

Employers who do not yet meet the standard will have to take actions that lead to fewer business-related kilometers, more public transport, bicycles, or cleaner vehicles. The regulation also obliges employers to submit an annual report of work-related personal mobility. Fynch makes both facets easy to implement.

Is the use of Fynch GDPR-proof?

When you use the app, the app generates data about location, speed of movement, etc. This data is processed in order to display it in the app.

On a personal level, your data is not accessible to anyone other than yourself, unless a colleague needs to view the data to solve a problem. In addition, the data is stored securely and completely GDPR-proof in our databases. Find our privacy statement here.