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Fynch Standard

€ 5,95

Per license per month.
billing per year.

One Fyncher

For self-employed, individual employees and small companies. For the convenience of claiming travel expenses and home office expenses.

You get:

Fynch app Android or iOS
Automatic and/or manual trip registration (car, bicycle, scooter, motorcycle, walking, public transport, carpool, shared mobility, flying)
Work from home registration
Monthly expense report
Linked vehicle
Insight into CO2 emissions
Participation in the reward program through the Fynch coin

With every Fynch standard subscription we plant a tree via Trees for all.

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Fynch SMEs

On request

Multiple Fynchers

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For growing organizations that want to offer their employees the convenience of mileage and home office expense administration, while keeping sustainability and vitality at the forefront.

Includes all components from:

Fynch Standard

Company account
Declaration module
Impact monitor
Personal profile of employees
Declaration of fixed commuting distance

Fynch Enterprise

On request

Multiple Fynchers

I am interested

For larger companies that are looking for an integrated, tailor-made solution that also aligns with their mobility policy and HR processes.

Includes all components from:

Fynch SMEs

Guidance on implementation and communication
Configuring custom mobility policies
Annual report for CO2 Reporting Obligation Work-related Mobility of Persons, “Normative regulation”
Sustainable behavior change program
Declaration by project code
Declaration on mobility budget
Single Sign On (SSO)
Synchronize employee file
Link HR/Payroll software
Link transaction data
Mobility maps

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Volvo Group Netherlands BV x Fynch

Read here how Volvo Group Netherlands achieves its sustainability goals and complies with the Reporting Requirement Work-related Mobility of Persons using Fynch Enterprise.

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Frequently asked questions about our rates and subscriptions

What is the duration of a contract?

The duration of a contract with Fynch is at least 12 months. After that, there is an automatic extension of 3 months at a time and a notice period of 3 months before the end of the contract date.

What does the implementation process look like?

Together with the client we determine the objectives on CO2, costs and vitality. We draw u a communication and implementation plan. We perform an IT check and then configure the Expense Configurator based on the allowances applicable to your company. We also organize a training program for the helpdesk and support. Next, employees download the app and off you go!

What exactly do the NRWP regulations entail?

The normative regulation of work-related personal mobility (NRWP) aims to achieve CO2 reductions on work-related personal mobility. For business-related mobility, a maximum standard will apply starting 1/1/2022, set at the Dutch average.

Employers who do not yet meet the standard will have to take actions that lead to fewer business-related kilometers, higher use of public transport or bicycles, or greater use of cleaner vehicles. The regulation also requires employers to report work-related personal mobility annually. Fynch makes both of these tasks easy to implement.

Is using Fynch GDPR-proof?

When using the app, data about location, speed of travel, etc. is generated. This data is processed in order to display it in the app.

Your data is not viewable by anyone other than yourself unless a colleague is required to view the data to solve a problem. In addition, the data is stored securely and completely GDPR-proof in our databases. See our privacy statement here.