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Pay per license purchased, per month. The platform, dashboard, CO2 reporting, and other features are included.

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Frequently asked questions about our rates and subscriptions

What is the duration of a contract?

The duration of a contract with Fynch is at least 12 months. Thereafter, an automatic extension of 3 months each time and a notice period of 3 months before the end of the contract date applies.

What does the implementation process look like?

Together with the customer, we determine the targets for CO2, costs and vitality. We draw up a communication and implementation plan. We do an IT check, and then configure the Mobility Configurator based on the fees that apply to your company. We also organize a training program for the helpdesk and support. Employees then download the app and off you go!

What exactly do the NRWP regulations mean?

The normative regulation for work-related passengermobility (NRWP) aims to achieve a CO2 reduction in work-related passenger mobility. For business mobility, a maximum standard will therefore apply from the start (1/1/2023), determined on the basis of the Dutch average.

Employers who do not yet meet the standard will have to take actions that lead to fewer business kilometers, more use of public transport or bicycle, or a greater use of cleaner vehicles. The scheme also obliges employers to submit an annual report of work-related personal mobility. Fynch makes both things easy to do.

Is the use of Fynch AVG-proof?

When you use the app, data about location, speed of movement, etc. are generated. This data is processed in order to display it in the app.

On a personal level, your data is not accessible to anyone other than yourself, unless an employee needs to view the data to help you with a problem. In addition, the data is stored securely and completely AVG-proof in our databases. See also our privacy statement.