Automatic trip registration

Recording your commuting and business trips is important for several reasons:

  1.  As an employer with >100 employees, you want to comply with the Normative Regulation on Work-related Personal Mobility.
  2. As a self-employed, you obviously want to register all trips that you make on business so that you can reimburse yourself tax-free.
  3. In order to avoid additional taxable benefits, the tax authorities expect you to have a comprehensive kilometer registration if you do not drive more than 500 km per year privately.

The classic way is to keep track of every trip in a notepad kept in your glove compartment. Fortunately, these days there are also many apps that provide easy trip administration, here is a list of the 14 best trip-tracking apps.

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Automatic trip registration app

From the overview of all the different apps, there are a few solutions that automatically record your rides.

The easiest is a GPS box in your car, it keeps track of every trip fully automatically and you only need to sync once a month.

But what about the trips you take by bike, or when you go on foot? That still requires manual work.

With Fynch, every movement is recorded in your phone (and nowhere else). All you have to do is categorize the trip as business, personal or commuting and you’re done. Fynch is the recording travel movements app of the moment.

Automatic declaration

Declaring business and commuting trips is a monthly chore that many people dread. It is a time-consuming and boring job for the employee or self-employed person, HR and Finance then have to check the declaration because it is prone to error.

For a company of 600 employees, this easily costs a total of 2FTE per month!

When you do registration for travel movements with an app, the declaration is also very easy. With Fynch Mobility’s app, your company’s mobility policy is easy to set up. Thus, even a differentiated mileage policy is applied flawlessly and automatically.

The declaration is done manually or automatically every month, excesses will surface automatically. Fraud is (almost) impossible and the time saved is huge.

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Become a more attractive employer!

Many of our clients seek our advice. So we have a lot of insight into the budgets and various ways in which employers today set up their mobility policies. An example is shown here.

A differentiated mileage allowance is totally contemporary:

  1. Being a sustainable employer attracts people
  2. Employees are rewarded for sustainable behavior
  3. You comply with all laws and regulations. Now and in the future
  4. You save time and money through automatic trip registration and declarations.

Why wait? Contact Fynch and start now!

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