Integrated mobility solution

One app for registering your commute, business trips, and work-from-home days. In combination with a customized mobility card for each employee and real-time insight into your costs and CO2 emissions. We call this an integrated mobility solution. Outsourced to Fynch.

How do we do it? Like this!

We are currently working with these mobility partners, is your card not listed here? Please contact us, we are happy to help you.

Fynch in 3 steps


Employees download the Fynch app and we set reimbursements based on the mobility policy. All work-from-home days and trips are recorded automatically or manually. Including travel purpose and mode of transportation.

Reiskostenvergoeding App

The employee checks trips and work-from-home days and easily claims from the app. Fynch automatically calculates the monthly reimbursement, which is paid through the salary. Fynch Coins are earned with sustainable trips. These can be exchanged for rewards in the Fynch Shop.


The employer gets insight into CO2 emissions and other mobility KPIs at an aggregated and anonymous level. Employees declare their business and commuting trips more simply and quickly. Fynch interfaces with payroll software.

Curious about how you can easily set up a sustainable mobility plan?