Your employees work from home, are traveling to clients and commute to and from the office. You want to give them compensation for working from home, commuting to and from the office and commercial trips. You are looking for a simple, effective solution that can quickly be implemented and costs you and your employees little time. A solution that grows with your company and allows for a flexible installation process.

Fynch offers the solution!

  • Automatic travel registration of all your trips, with a distinction between cycling, walking, public transport, driving and flying, but also with regards to your traveling goal (business, commuting, personal).
  • In one click you can download all your trips in Excel for your administration.
  • Get rewarded for every sustainable trip: biking, walking, public transport and traveling outside rush hour.
  • Save up for fun, diverse activities and sustainable gifts.

L&A Lawyers focuses on employment law and mediation. All attorneys have in-depth knowledge of and experience in all facets of employment law.

“L&A Lawyers and Mediators is pleased with the relief that Fynch provides. In addition to the services, service is also a high priority at Fynch.
That makes for a fine cooperation!”

L&A Advocaten Lawyers Mediators x Fynch Mobitity
L&A Advocaten
Volvo Group Netherlands BV x Fynch

...ultimately found that Fynch offered the most options to meet the needs of our diverse workforce, from mechanics to managers.

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Censo-logo supported by Fynch through its innovative mobility platform in achieving the objectives of the new mobility scheme.

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...make expense claims for employees and managers easy and fun again!

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