Your employees work from home, are on the road to clients, and travel to and from the office. You want to reimburse them for working from home, commuting, and business trips. You are looking for a simple, effective solution that can be implemented quickly and takes little time for you and your employees. A solution that grows with your business and can be set up completely flexibly. Fynch offers the solution!

With the Fynch app, your employees can:

  • Easily and automatically track their trip registration, distinguishing between cycling, walking, public transport trips, driving, and flying as well as the purpose of travel (business, commuting, or private).
  • Keeps the user in control of personal data at all times, for more information see our Privacy first principle here.
  • Download the employee all trips to Excel and upload it into your HR system.
  • Rewarded for each sustainable trip: think about walking, cycling, public transport trips, traveling outside rush hour or not traveling at all by working from home. And for every sustainable ride, each app user saves Fynch Coins that can be redeemed for discounts on various activities and sustainable gifts.

This way you keep the kilometer administration of your company simple and save time for you and your co-workers. In addition, you will also receive insight into the CO2 emissions in the field of mobility and contribute to making your company CO2 neutral and prepare yourself for the CSRD that will also apply to SMEs in the coming years.

Is Fynch a suitable solution for your company? We recognize that every company is unique and therefore are happy to get in touch with you to identify your and your company’s needs and wishes to together shape your sustainable mobility goals.

Is Fynch also the next step for your organization?

Employers who value sustainable mobility

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