Data Platform

Duurzaam reisgedrag stimuleren

Instant and continuous insight into travel behavior and footprint.

The Fynch Data Platform offers real-time insights into the buildup of your mobility-related CO2 footprint. In addition to that, we give insight into modality, travel time, and trips in and outside rush hours.

Very convenient with upcoming Reporting Obligation Work-relate Mobility of Persons. This legislation requires companies with more than 100 employees to annually report all work-related mileage by mode with a distinction between commuting and business mileage. Learn more in this blog.

Fynch Plug & Play


The Fynch Data Platform gives you access to valuable information to further optimize your mobility plans. For example, you can immediately see the effect of introducing a bicycle plan.

With a single click on the button, you receive an annual report with all the data needed for your CO2 reporting in accordance with the normative regulation.