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Samsung device with Android 11

If Android 11 is installed on the device, you must set the following:
We assume that you have given all requested permissions when logging into the Fynch app.
In addition, it is necessary to check the following settings on Samsung devices.

You can disable battery optimization as follows:

  1. Go to phone settings > Apps > Fynch > Battery > Battery Optimization
  2. Turn Allow background activity ON
  3. Click on Battery consump. optimal.
  4. Click on Apps not optimized and then on All
  5. Scroll to the Fynch app, or use the search option at the top right to find Fynch
  6. Turn OFF the switch on the Fynch app.

Furthermore, you will have to set that the permissions are not removed again by Android:

  1. Go to Phone Settings > Apps > Fynch > Permissions
  2. Set the option hereRemove permissions when app is not used OFF

Memory restrictions will also have to be adjusted:

  1. Go to phone settings again > Battery and device maintenance > Memory > Excluded apps
  2. Click on the + . in the top right
  3. Select the Fynch app and click add

You only need to adjust the following settings if you have disabled this yourself in the past:

  1. Go to phone settings > Location >
  2. Improve precision > Turn on both options (Wi-Fi and Bluetooth).
  3. Go back once (top left) and turn on Google’s Location Accuracy under Location Services. The other options can be left out.

If you continue to experience problems with the app, please contact our support.