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Samsung device with Android 10

If Android 10 is installed on the Samsung device

Check the following settings if there are problems that measurement is not (correct):

  1. Go to Phone Settings and search for the keywords below by clicking on the magnifying glass at the top right:
    Search for the keyword ‘Location‘, and under ‘Improve precision‘, make sure that both options ‘Scan via Wi-Fi’ and ‘Scan via Bluetooth‘ are ON.
    In addition, ‘Google Location Accuracy’ must be ON.
    And check under ‘App permissions‘ whether our app is in the list with ‘ALWAYS ALLOWED’.
  2. Search for the keyword ‘Optimi‘ and select ‘Optimise battery usage‘ and find our app in the list of apps, and turn optimization OFF.
  3. Search for the keyword “Power mode” and select “Battery“. Under ‘Power mode‘, choose ‘Optimized‘ and turn ‘Adaptive power saving‘ OFF.
    Under ‘App power management ‘ select the option ‘Adaptive battery‘ and turn it OFF, also turn OFF the option ‘Put unused apps to sleep‘.
  4. Search for the keyword “Memory” and select “Select apps to exclude’. Choose the option ‘Add apps‘ and select our app to add it.

If these instructions did not help to improve the measurement, check the more detailed instructions below:

  1. Go to Phone Settings > Privacy > Permission manager > Location > choose our app from the list > set Location access to “Allow all the time”.
  2. Go to Phone Settings Privacy Permission manager Location Wi-Fi and Bluetooth scanning > Turn Wi-Fi scanning and Bluetooth scanning ON
    Go to Phone Settings Location Improve precision > Turn Scan via WI-FI and Scan via Bluetooth ON.
  3. Go to Phone Settings > Location Google Location Accuracy > Turn Improve Location Accuracy ON.
  4. Go to Phone Settings > Apps > select three dots menu (top right corner) > select Special access > choose Optimize battery usage > tap the drop-down arrow at the top and select “All apps” > find our app in the list and turn the optimization OFF.
  5. Go to Phone Settings > Apps > select our app from the list > choose Battery > turn (if possible) Allow background activity ON.
  6. Go to Phone Settings Device care > tap button with the 3 vertical dots in the upper right corner. Select “Advanced” in the menu and set:
    – Auto optimization: turn OFF
    – Autom. restart: turn OFF
    – Optimize settings: turn OFF
  7. Go to Phone Settings Device care Battery > Battery usage > find our app and turn OFF switch “Put app to sleep“.
  8. Swipe down from the top of the screen to reveal Quick settings > click on Power mode > turn it OFF (gray).
  9. If applicable: Go to Phone Settings Device care Battery Power mode and select:
     Power mode: preferably “High performance” or else “Optimized”.
    – Adaptive power saving: turn OFF
  10. If applicable: Go to Phone Settings Device care Battery > tap button on top right with the 3 vertical dots. Choose Phone Settings > turn OFF all options (except Notifications). Click on Sleeping apps option and remove our app (or all apps) from the list.
  11. Go to Phone Settings Device care Battery App power management and set:
    – Adaptive battery: turn OFF
    – Put unused apps to sleep: turn OFF
     Sleeping apps: Remove our app from this list.
     Apps that won’t be put to sleep: If possible, add our app to this list.
  12. Go to Phone Settings Device care Memory and set:
    – Select apps to exclude: select our app.

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