Province of Utrecht shows leadership with internal CO2 price of € 875 per ton, who will follow?

Can’t live, with or without you

Presumably, Bono did not have the most famous greenhouse gas in mind when writing this U2 hit, but it is a very appropriate lyric. CO2 is present in almost everything we do, when we travel, when we produce something, when we use something and when we throw something away. In all of these cases, CO2 is released. That CO2 is important for our trees and plants is obvious, but by now it is just as obvious that CO2 has a direct effect on the further warming of our earth. The last one is going a bit too fast, so we have to act.

So much for the open doors…

Last week a report came out that the Province of Utrecht was the first to link a price to a ton of CO2. This is a very interesting development! Together with the Klimaatverbond Nederland and partly based on research by the German Environment Ministry, they have arrived at €875 per ton of CO2.

From now on, this new fair price will be used in cost-benefit analyses such as investment decisions. The Province of Utrecht is the first to use this price and hopes to move other governments to do the same.

Of course, as a business owner, employer, or employee, you have little or no influence on this development and will most likely not notice much of it.

But you might be interested in what you can do yourself. For example, do you have any idea how much CO2 you emit when you commute to work? Would you like to do your part with your company and motivate and challenge your employees to emit less CO2?

The Fynch App helps give you and your employees insight into carbon emissions. Get in touch and discover how much fun it is to travel with Fynch!

Read more about the Province of Utrecht’s CO2 award here

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