ZZP Nederland

At the end of 2005, founder Johan Marrink came to the conclusion that information about starting entrepreneurs was very inadequate. “That can be much simpler and clearer” was the proposition, and half a day later ZZP Nederland was born.

In addition to information, it also appeared that self-employed were excluded from discounts on health insurance, for example. By forming a collective, members of ZZP Nederland can now obtain discounts on seven different health insurers. Nowadays, discounts on administration packages, car leasing, legal help, etc. are available.

In addition to the information provided through the website and helpdesk and the many (collective) benefits, ZZP Nederland is increasingly engaged in advocacy for the self-employed. The interests of ZZP Nederland’s subscribers are represented by Stichting ZZP Nederland.

The Foundation is financed from the subscribers’ subscription fees and likes to talk to parties that can and want to do something for entrepreneurs, including the Tax Office, KVK, UWV, ministries, etc. Where previously the doors remained closed, the ZZP Nederland Foundation is currently a welcome guest.

Collaboration Fynch x ZZP Nederland

Existing ZZP Nederland members receive a discount on the Fynch membership when they download the Fynch app through the unique ZZP Nederland affiliate link.
New customers who download the Fynch app through the ZZP Nederland affiliate link will receive a discount code for 1 year free ZZP Nederland basic subscription

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