The new Fynch application is out!

Make the most of your travels with the updated Fynch App! Our team works continuously to make recording business and commuter journeys as easy as possible. Thanks to your feedback and our development team, we present the renewed Fynch App! Read below what you can do with the App from now on.

New updates📈

Get ready for new features! Soon you can expect a new update on both Android and iOS. What’s in the new update?

  • Do you use the app for travel expense claim with your employer? You will now see both a declaration button and the “export trips” button in your profile. The declaration button (create declaration report or submit declaration) can be used for declaration, the export trips button gives you an overview of all trips, including private trips.
  • Adding rides manually has been made more user-friendly.
  • From now on we calculate the commuting distance for some employers using Google. In this way, the commuting distance is always the same, even if you make a detour.
  • Do you have an iPhone? Then with this update it is no longer mandatory to set the settings for automatic trip registration to use the App. If you want to use automatic registration, it is of course necessary to change the settings. This custom functionality will soon be available for Android as well.
  • In addition, we are adding more and more Reward Partners to the shop so that you can save for great discounts through sustainable travel.

💡Did you know that…

… we regularly launch new updates? In order not to miss any updates, set automatic updates in the App Store or Google Play Store.

… we use your license plate to collect the CO2 emissions that are specific to your car? You can add your license plate number by tapping “Edit” on the profile page at the top.

… the Fynch App also works abroad? Nice to keep track of where you’ve been during the holidays! Your air travel is also measured and you can see how much CO2 you emit.

… it is sometimes necessary to set additional settings correctly on your phone? This is especially necessary with Android phones. View the settings per make and model here.

Fynch Smart Mobility

Fynch puts the registration of travel and home working days on auto-pilot and maps everything accurately. Handy for your administration and employees don’t have to worry about it. You decide how travel behavior is registered: manually, fully automatic or semi-automatic. All you have to do is download the Fynch app.

With Fynch you also get anonymized and aggregated insight into all your travel behavior and the company mobility of your employees. This way you can see exactly how much CO2 emissions are involved. Very handy, of course, with the CO2 emission measurement obligation for companies with more than 100 employees in prospect.

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