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More employees cycling to the office thanks to national bicycle plan

State Secretary for Infrastructure Vivianne Heijnen wants at least 200,000 extra Dutch people to cycle to work with a national bicycle plan. Tens of millions of euros are being earmarked for the creation of extra cargo bike parking spaces, bicycle highways and tunnels.

In early 2025, 200,000 extra people will have to go to work by bicycle instead of other transport. That is the objective that Heijnen has set to spare the ever busier Randstad. Despite the fact that cycling is already very normal, it must be made easy for people to use the bicycle. By working together with employers and other governments, Heijnen wants to improve accessibility, health and clean air through the bicycle plan. But above all, we want to make cycling more attractive.

Bicycle sheds

The number of bicycle parking facilities at stations will have to increase. In addition to the bicycle plan, the cabinet is making 50 million euros available for this. At the moment, about 2 million Dutch people cycle to work. This also includes journeys to the train station. More cargo bike sheds should also be made available. According to Heijnen, there are many parents who first take their children to school by cargo bike and then continue to work. The cargo bike must then be able to be parked safely and easily near the train.

Cycle routes

The government also contributes by spending 6 million euros a year on bicycle paths and highways throughout the country. Thanks to the increasing interest in e-bikes, the Dutch are increasingly traveling by bicycle. By creating cycle routes, commuters can cycle from place to place without delay. In addition, billions of euros will go to large infrastructure projects that include bicycle tunnels in their project and open up new residential areas.

Kilometer allowance

Through the bicycle plan, Heijnen wants companies to encourage employees by offering the high kilometer allowance of 21 cents per kilometer cycled more often. A trial is currently underway at seven ministries in which civil servants can lease a normal or electric bicycle.

Put your travel allowance on auto-pilot

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