Fynch Mobility provides compensation for travelers with a defective Calandbrug

Due to a defect in the Caland Bridge, it is not possible for travelers to cross the Caland Bridge.

ProRail compensates residents who have to make detours via the Fynch Mobility App. Travelers who take bus 105 to and from Rozenburg will be reimbursed up to a maximum amount of €6 per day.

Caland bridge in Botlek Rotterdam defective

The bridge can no longer be operated safely due to defective bearings on the bypass wheel. The bridge is now permanently open so that shipping traffic to and from the Britain harbor can take place. As a result, cyclists and pedestrians have to make detours. Fast traffic can detour via the Thomassentunnel, but slow traffic has to detour via Theemsweg and Neckarweg, which is a considerable detour.

ProRail wants to accommodate detours by realizing detour compensation. The compensation applies to people traveling around who use bus 105. The compensation is for people who occasionally travel by bus as well as for season ticket holders. A maximum amount of €6 per day can be reimbursed, which is equivalent to a return trip on this route. As with any other bus ride, travelers still have to check in normally.

Reimbursement via the Fynch Mobility App

If travelers want to receive compensation for the detour, they must use the Fynch Mobility App. Travel expenses incurred can be automatically reimbursed afterwards via the Fynch App and a special promotional code. The Fynch App uses software that can show whether travelers actually use a certain route and are therefore eligible for compensation. The promotional code and all other information are available on the website www.calandbrug.nl.

Duration of the repair

It is expected that it will take several months before the Calandbrug can be used again for cyclists and motorists. Until then, the bridge will remain closed to all road traffic for safety reasons.

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