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Motorola (Motorola Moto G7 Power) with Android 10

Settings for Motorola (Motorala Moto G7 Power) devices with Android 10

  1. Go to Phone settings General Location Mode > set “High accuracy”.
  2. Go to Phone settings Battery > turn Battery Saver Mode OFF.
  3. Go to Phone settings Battery > turn Ultra battery saver mode OFF.
  4. Go to Phone settings Battery USER DETAILS > select our app > Manage battery usage > set not to reduce power consumption.
  5. Go to Phone settings Battery Adaptive Battery > turn Adaptive Battery OFF.
  6. Go to Phone settings Apps & notifications Advanced > Special app access > Battery optimization > select our app > turn Optimize OFF.
  7. Open quick settings (swipe down once from the top of the screen, then swipe down again to see all quick settings) and touch and hold the ‘Save energy‘ icon to adjust corresponding settings. Click on Save energy > turn option Auto Power On OFF.
  8. Go to Phone settings Security & location Location > Advanced Scan > turn WiFi scanning ON.
  9. Go to Phone settings > Network and Internet > Data usage > Data saver > turn Use data saver OFF.
    And /or: Go to Unlimited data and allow our app to use background data (turn ON switch next to app name).
  10. Go to Phone settings Network & Internet Data usage App data usage > select our app > turn Background data ON.

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