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Android version is 9.0 (EMUI version 9.0 or 9.1)

  1. Choose Settings > Security & Privacy Location Access. Turn ON Location access.
  2. Choose Settings > Security & Privacy > Location Access > Advanced Settings. Turn ON Wi-Fi scanning.
  3. Choose Settings > Security & Privacy > Location Access > Location Services. If available, choose Google location accuracy. Select Improve ON.
  4. Choose Settings Apps > Permissions > Location. Choose our app from the list and ENABLE option.
  5. Choose Settings > Apps > Apps > click the button with the 3 vertical dots at the top > choose Special access > Battery optimization > select “All apps” at the top > search for our app > tap “Don’t allow”.
  6. Select Settings > Battery. Turn OFF the Performance modeEnergy saving mode and Ultra energy saving mode options.
  7. Select Settings > Battery > App launch. DISABLE the Automatic management option. Choose our app from the list and tap 2x on the option. Turn ON the Automatic startSecondary startup and Run options in the background.
  8. Select Settings > Battery > More battery settings. Turn ON option to Stay connected when device is sleeping.
  9. Choose square menu button (next to round home and triangle back button) or swipe screen from bottom to top. Choose our app from the list of recent apps, pull down and release. Lock appears.
  10. Choose Optimization > Data usage. DISABLE the Smart data saving option.
  11. Choose Optimization > Network access > Installed apps. Choose our app from list. Turn ON Mobile data and Wi-Fi options.

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