Behavioral Change

Duurzaam reisgedrag stimuleren

Stimulate sustainable and active travel

Fynch encourages employees to adopt sustainable behavior. We achieve this by providing insight into personal behavior, with our own Coin rewards program and through easily adjustable mobility reimbursements (KPIs of your company).

In the latter case, consider, for example, a higher kilometer allowance for cycling and driving an electric car. Our Fynch Change Program is based on scientific OBM methodology.

Employers who are already setting the right example

Censo-logo supported by Fynch through its innovative mobility platform in achieving the objectives of the new mobility scheme.

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...verduurzaamde mobiliteit met Fynch en stootte 4% minder CO2 per kilometer uit

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Volvo Group Netherlands BV x Fynch

...ultimately found that Fynch offered the most options to meet the needs of our diverse workforce, from mechanics to managers.

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