Automatic trip registration of business trips and work-from-home days

The easiest way is a GPS box in your car, it automatically keeps track of every trip and you only need to sync once a month.

But what about the trips you take by bike, or when you walk? That still requires manual work.

Fynch supports employees in registering commute and business trips, but also work-from-home days. The Fynch App does this automatically, saving both the employee and the employer a lot of time.

The employee remains in full control at all times over which trips are recorded and reported and which are not.

How the app records and how the employee stays in control of their data can be seen here.

Automatic declaration

Declaring business and commuting trips is a monthly chore that many people dread. It is a time-consuming and boring job for the employee or self-employed individual and afterwards HR and Finance have to check the declaration for errors.

At a company employing 600 employees, this easily costs a total of 2FTE per month!

When you register travel movements with an app, the declaration process also becomes much easier. With Fynch, your company’s mobility policy is easy to set up and a differentiated kilometer policy is applied flawlessly and automatically.

The declaration is done manually or automatically every month, excesses will surface automatically. Fraud is (almost) impossible and the time saved is huge.


Become a more attractive employer!

Many of our clients seek our advice which has provided us with lots of insight into the budgets and various ways in which employers set up their mobility policies. An example is shown here.

A differentiated kilometer reimbursement is very relevant today;

  1. Being a sustainable employer attracts people
  2. Employees are rewarded for sustainable behavior
  3. You comply with all laws and regulations. Now and in the future
  4. You save time and money through automatic trip registration and declarations.

Is Fynch also the next step for your organization?

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