Terms and Conditions Fynch Shop

This page contains the conditions for using the Fynch Shop. Additional terms and conditions apply to the use of Fynch. View Fynch’s terms and conditions here.

Fynch coins

  • Fynch coins can be earned with predefined desired behavior.
  • Fynch coins are not transferable.
  • Fynch coins cannot be exchanged for cash.
  • Fynch coins can only be used to purchase rewards in the Fynch App and are not valid outside the app.


The validity period of the e-voucher is determined by the partner offering the e-voucher and communicated by Fynch and/or the partner. After the validity period has expired, no more rights can be derived from the e-voucher

The e-vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash and cannot be exchanged or returned.

It is not permitted to use the e-vouchers in any way for commercial purposes such as resale with any direct or indirect profit motive − or for purposes other than those for which the e-vouchers were issued.

Fynch can inform itself within legal frameworks whether the payment obligations can be met correctly, as well as about all those facts and factors that are important for the responsible conclusion of a distance contract. If Fynch has good reasons not to enter into the agreement on the basis of this investigation, Fynch is entitled to refuse an order with reasons or to attach special conditions to the execution.

An e-voucher is only issued once. It is not possible to transfer the (residual) value of the e-voucher to another e-voucher.

Fynch and its partners reserve the right to refuse payment for an e-voucher if payment is not possible due to a technical malfunction.

Ownership of e-vouchers transfers upon receipt of the e-voucher by the purchaser. If, after receipt of the e-voucher, a third party gains unauthorized access to the e-voucher, this is at the buyer’s risk. Fynch is in no way liable for theft, loss, falsification or misuse of the e-voucher.