Internship: encourage sustainable travel through our data warehouse

Help encourage more sustainable travel behavior by building gamification elements into our data warehouse!

Fulltime - Utrecht

Fynch is a software startup based in Utrecht the Netherlands and focuses on making business mobility more sustainable. The Fynch platform, with the Fynch app as its main user-facing element, is used by companies to help employees register and declare trips and work-from-home days, comply with reporting requirements, and encourages employees to travel sustainably. Encouraging employees to travel sustainably is achieved by setting up a sustainable mobility policy in the Fynch platform (for example, a higher kilometer reimbursement for bicycle trips) and using gamification elements in the app that make sustainable travel fun.

Currently, the most important gamification elements are providing insight into the impact of one’s own travel behavior and rewarding sustainable travel choices. For this, the app includes a system of challenges, coins and rewards. It boils down to the following: sustainable travel challenges earn you coins, which you can exchange for rewards (discounts on products).

Recently we have been working on setting up a data warehouse, and at the moment we are primarily using it to generate individual- and company-level insights. However, we would like to rebuild the system with the coins, challenges, and rewards, this time directly into the data warehouse. We are looking for a motivated intern to take on this project for us. Will you help us further expand our data warehouse?

We have the following two assignments available:

  • Assignment 1: challenges. In this assignment, you will work with challenges. We want to go back to the core: a challenge is a temporary opportunity to change your travel behavior or try something new. You will figure out how this can be set up best, and work closely with our development team.
  • Assignment 2: coins. In this assignment, you will focus on the system of coins and levels. We have already created a high-level functional design, but otherwise, the project has not been tackled yet. You will figure out how this can be set up best, and work closely with our development team.

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