With less administrative work, you save time for really important things. You will experience true efficiency and cost savings when you work with one high-performance ERP system for all your business processes.

Administration such as leave, absenteeism and payroll processing are currently costing you a lot of time. Even though these administrative activities have long since ceased to be your primary focus. Because HR is shifting. Themes such as happiness at work and strategic personnel planning are becoming priorities. It’s nice to be helped by HRM software to be able to fully focus on what’s important, right?

AFAS’ HRM software helps you regain control of your HR processes. Automate time-consuming administration and use our smart dashboards for more insight. The result? You have time again for what really matters.

With AFAS, you can easily integrate payroll with HRM. Data are in one central location, so your processes follow each other even more efficiently. The system automates, your control.

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