VNO-NCW: Kilometer registration soon to be mandatory: “view it as an opportunity”


Tracking your carbon footprint and logging kilometers as a company sounds like just another obligation. But did you know that it saves you money and makes your company more attractive to new staff? And it is sustainable too. VNO-NCW wrote an interesting opinion piece about it and interviewed Joris Smulders (co-Founder). Below you can read a short extract from the interview.

With an app, employees can track their own CO2 administration

Whether you work from home or travel for work, there are several apps on the market that can recognize exactly what you are doing: whether you are going to the office or just picking up a pack of coffee at the supermarket. The app usually fills that in itself. Yikes, Big Brother is watching you! ‘Okay, not everyone likes that,’ acknowledges the CEO of one such app, Joris Smulders (Fynch Mobility). ‘And I realize that sentiment toward big tech companies is negative because of misuse of personal data.’ That’s why Fynch always offers users several options for keeping track of mobility registration. ‘The app can be set to automatically recognize all your transportation movements, but if you find that a bit creepy, you can also choose to turn it on when you leave and off again when you arrive. It works very simply. Or you can go all analog and add your kilometers to the app yourself.’

Fynch’s app also lets employees see their personal carbon footprint. And compares it with a certain average and, for example, with your twenty most sustainable colleagues. Smulders: ‘Employees appear to really like this. It makes you aware of your behavior.’ To measure the CO2 footprint of the entire company (which is thus mandatory from mid-2023), all data of individual employees can be read – anonymously of course – on the platform of RVO. ‘Our customers are very happy with that because it really saves a lot of work.’

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