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Manage your vehicles 🚲

With the latest update to the app, it is possible for you to add various vehicles! For example, one or more cars, an e-bike, or a scooter.

πŸ“± How does it work?

On the Profile page in the app, you’ll find the Your vehicles button. Click this you’ll find the new page. Use the + button at the top right to add a new vehicle, including the license plate (if you want). You can add as many different vehicles as you like!

Change the order πŸ”

By pressing the vehicles block, you can change the order. When you use automatic trip registration, the vehicles that are on top are automatically linked to the trip.


You added 3 vehicles: your leased car, your private car, and your e-bike. You put the leased car at the top, then the e-bike, and lastly the private car.

  • A bicycle trip is recorded with automatic trip recording. The e-bike vehicle is automatically added to the trip.
  • A car trip is recorded with automatic trip recording. The leased car is automatically added to the trip.

Did you travel with another vehicle?

On the trips page, you can easily customize your vehicles and also choose your other self-added vehicles.

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