Trip registration for House of Covebo self-employed

Now €10,- discount on an annual subscription for your trip registration with Fynch (excl. VAT) for all self-employed people affiliated with House of Covebo. You do not pay €69,- but €59,- ex VAT. per license (12 months)!

How can Fynch help you?

Do you never want to spend more hours on your mileage administration or do you want to show that you consider sustainable mobility important? Mileage administration is a recurring annoyance. Armed with your calendar and Google Maps, you go back in time to figure out how many kilometers you drove. Was that trip private, commuting or business? Are all appointments (and thus trips) in your calendar? Fynch offers you the solution:

  • Automatic trip registration of all your trips made, with distinction in cycling, walking, public transport trips, driving and flying
  • Download all trips to Excel with one click
  • Get rewarded for every sustainable trip: cycling, walking, public transport and off-peak travel
  • Save for various cool activities and sustainable gifts
  • Fynch is GDPR-proof: your data is stored securely, no one has access to your data and your data is not sold to third parties. For more information, please see our privacy statement (see footer).

Order procedure

Register now by filling in the form on the right. We will contact you as soon as possible. After payment, we will provide you with a code so you can register your rides.

Let's start!

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