Fynch Mobility is an impact-driven tech company in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

Mobility accounts for 27% of the global carbon footprint each year. About half of this is work-related. Employers therefore play a major role in making mobility more sustainable; not only by making their fleets greener, but especially by encouraging and facilitating a broader sustainability approach to travel and work.

Fynch’s vision is sustainable and vital mobility for all. Fynch motivates employees to make more sustainable choices in their travel behavior. We strive for zero emissions, excellent accessibility and availability for all.

Mobility behavior is an important key to CO2 reduction. Ultimately, it is the choices travelers make that determine emissions. By not traveling or traveling less and by choosing the cleanest form of mobility, they reduce CO2 emissions.

It is our mission to help employers achieve Net Zero mobility as soon as possible.

The recently released United Nations’ climate report doesn’t lie: to keep our planet livable, we must act today.

A huge task, consisting of a lot of steps. Steps by governments, businesses and individuals.

Let us introduce Fynch. Fynch is an impact-driven tech company based in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Our mission? To help organizations achieve CO2-neutral mobility by motivating employees to travel actively and sustainably.

At Fynch, with the use of our technology, we contribute to a more sustainable and safer world every day. More sustainable by reducing CO2 emissions; safer, because fewer car mileage means fewer accidents and cleaner air.

But also safe, because we handle privacy and information in a strict manner. For example, we develop software using the privacy by design principle and are ISO27001 certified.

We have found our path, and are happy have you come along.

Serge van den Berg CEO and Co-Founder
Joris Smulders CEO and Co-Founder