It is not possible or desirable for many organisations to completely change the work fleet. This can also be the case for your organisation, for example because your employees have to work at different locations during the day or because a lease car is a valuable fringe benefit. Whatever the reason is, the fleet will (at least for the near future) be part of your organisation. However, that involves quite some aspects that require your attention: high fuel costs, maintenance costs, a lot of CO2 emissions and a risk on the safety of your employees. As an employee, you want to do something about this. Fynch can help you with that. Below we will explain to you how Fynch can help you, based on the example of Stedin.

Targets of Stedin

Stedin owns a fleet of almost 2000 vehicles, mainly vans. When Stedin started with the Fynch program, which they called the Stedin Drivers Battle, they formulated three long-term goals each including some sub-goals for 2019:

Driving more safely

  • No heavy acceleration / breaking / turning etc. (good driving score from telematics)
  • Keep the van clean (return day)
  • No overloaded van (return day)
  • Safe and secure loading
  • Phone in a phone holder
  • No texting or emailing on the road
  • Less damages (target)
  • Less traffic tickets

Increased awareness on fuel consumption

  • Fill in a personal improvement plan on fuel consumption
  • Report mileages when refueling
  • Check the monthly results in the monitor
  • Participate in the e-learning

During this programme, Stedin uses the Fynch Mobility Monitor, the ProDrive Learning online training and the Fynch Rewarding Program. These allowed Stedin to actively measure the following KPIs:

Realization Stedin

The employees of Stedin started working on driving more safely and sustainably. This resulted in:

In this way, Stedin reduced the costs (fuel and maintenance), increased the safety of its employees on the road (less traffic tickets, higher driving score) and reduced the total amount of CO2 emissions.

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