You want to start a continuous project, possibly in collaboration with several parties, to stimulate a certain behaviour change in mobility. You have a certain goal in mind, but you want to make this goal measurable and you want insight in the progress made. Besides, you may want to reward people when they comply with certain conditions or maybe people can only participate if they comply with certain travel conditions. Fynch can help you with this. We explain how Fynch can help you below, based on the example of the Bicycle Arrangement Drechtsteden.

Target of the Bicycle Arrangement: stimulate the purchase and use of (electric) bikes, speed pedelecs or electric scooters.


There is a lot of commuting taking place in the cities Alblasserdam, Capelle aan den IJssel, Dordrecht, Gorinchem, Hardinxveld-Giesendam, Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht, Molenlanden, Papendrecht, Ridderkerk, Schiedam, Sliedrecht en Zwijndrecht, especially by car. This results in emissions of greenhouse gasses and particulate matter and in traffic jams. If more people would cycle between these municipalities, that would reduce the emissions, it could contribute to reducing the number of cars causing traffic jams and it will help more people to reach their daily exercise. So, cycling in between these municipalities is healthy and sustainable! To stimulate this, the municipalities collaborated with intermediary VCCR and the Verkeersonderneming. Someone who lives and/or works in Schiedam or Papendrecht can get a cashback of 50% (to a maximum of €300,-) when he/she purchases a bike, e-bike, speed pedelec or electric scooter. The only condition is that this person should use it at least twice a week to travel to work (thus leaving the car at home).

To measure this, this project uses the Fynch App. All participants using this arrangement, gain access to the app. The app registers automatically all the trips made by participants. Then the participant can easily upload all trips in Excel to prove that he/she indeed used the purchased bike, e-bike, speed pedelec or electric scooter.

Do you want to know more about this Bicycle Arrangement? Have a look here.

Achievements Bicycle Arrangement project

The participants of this project (almost) all started at different moments: from the moment on that they purchased their bike. Up to now, every participant complies with the set condition. This means that more people use the bike more and the car less: less emissions, less pressure on the highways and more exercise.

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