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  • Rapid implementation
  • Comply with new legislation.
  • Save time and money on processing declarations.
  • Save on CO2 emissions and reduce your company’s footprint.

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fynch app

Have all your employees download the app, which can be found in the Google Playstore or Apple’s Appstore.

Everyone logs in with their own license code and can get started right away.

Duurzaam reisgedrag stimuleren

Your company complies with the Regulation on CO2 Reduction in Work-related Personal Mobility.

Registration and declaration is no longer a chore, but easily done.

Fynch Plug & Play


Fynch Mobility, a smart business case for your company too


  • No more administration chaos
  • Less wasted time
  • More vitality
  • Being a good employer
Planet, duurzaam mobiliteitsbeleid


  • 10-20% CO2 reduction
  • Kilometer and CO2 reporting
  • Particulate matter reduction
Profit, duurzaam mobiliteitsbeleid


  • Fewer errors in declarations
  • Time savings in processing claims
  • Higher productivity
  • No upcoming fines for non-compliance