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Behaviour change and rewarding

Fynch encourages new behaviour. The Fynch approach is based on Organisational Behavior Management (OBM). OBM is a practical and scientifically-based method for bringing about structural and lasting behavioural change. During the implementation of this method, Fynch was assisted by VU Amsterdam (VU Adriba). The OBM theory assumes that when people are immediately rewarded for showing the desired behaviour, a change in a person's intrinsic values can occur. This leads to lasting behaviour change.

Fynch immediately rewards sustainable and safe behaviour with coins and compliments. In this way, Fynch can motivate you to make sustainable and safe choices.

How do you earn coins?

There are several ways to earn coins. This depends on which product you use and which conditions, for example, your employee set. Some examples are:

All coins are saved on your personal account. Therefore, the coins that you, for example, earned in the Fynch App are also visible in the Fynch Monitor.

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What can you do with the earned coins?

You can spend all coins in the members-only Fynch Shop on exciting experiences and sustainable gifts. These can be all kinds of things, but they have one thing in common: they are all sustainable. So, not only do you travel sustainably, but you also spend your coins on sustainable products and/or brands. There definitely is something you will like. The assortment of the Fynch Shop is renewed regularly, so you can always keep on saving for nice gifts!

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