What does the ProDrive Learning online training include?

ProDrive Learning is an online training that teaches the participant everything about driving safely and sustainably. The online exists of several components:

  1. Interactive online training modules
  2. Mobility Library (including seasonal Safe & Eco tips)
  3. Digital reference book
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Interactive online training modules

The ProDrive Learning program exists of four seasons. Six modules are available in the first season. Every following season, there are four modules available. The content of the training is focused on the type of vehicle the participant uses (delivery van, passenger car, manual transmission, automatic, hybrid, electric, petrol, diesel). The modules exist of short, interactive videos, games and challenges. In this way, a participant is actively involved in the subject of the module. A few examples of the topics that are being discussed:

  • Anticipating in traffic
  • Drive sustainable by gearing right, breaking, climate control etc. (the new driving)
  • Tires (profile, tire pressure, etc.)
  • Several types of roads
  • Mirror adjustment without a blind spot
  • New traffic signs
  • The relation between velocity and stopping distance
  • Loose objects in a car
  • Parking without damages
  • Active and passive security systems (ADAS)
  • Fatigue in traffic
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The Mobility Library

The Mobility Library is a contribution to the modules. The Mobility Library contains content that is updated several times a year. For example, the seasonal Safe & Eco tips are shared every quarter.

Besides the Safe & Eco tips, the Mobility Library also contains content about the use of several mobility cards, cycling safely, cycling safely on an e-bike and information about how to use shared mobility. The content of the Mobility Library tries not only to make sure that you can drive safely and sustainably in your car, but also tries to inspire you to hit the road using another mode of transport.

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The digital reference book

Do you want to take read it all back in your own time? That is possible. We made a digital reference book. This an easy-to-use summary about all the gained knowledge.

What do you have to do when you suddenly have to face aquaplaning? And how does the ABS system help you exactly? That is what you use the reference book for. It contains all information from the modules. In this way, you can keep on driving safely and sustainably.

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