Partners we collaborate with to reach the maximum of sustainable and safe mobility

We want to help you to reach the full potential of sustainable and safe mobility. This cannot be done just at once, so we built a network of partners: reputable companies and institutions that we intensively work together with. By combining our knowledge and experience, we can better support you in reaching your goals. In this way, we can create more impact.

Becoming a reseller of Fynch
Fynch has several partners that act as a reseller of Fynch. They promote the Fynch App, the Fynch Platform, and/or ProDrive Learning amongst their users and/or network. This is done by partners that use Fynch as an addition to their own product and by partners that offer the Fynch program as a completely independent product. Are you interested in becoming a reseller and/or do you want more information? Contact us through the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Your sustainable product in the Fynch Shop
An important part of the Fynch program is that people are being rewarded with coins for their sustainable and active trips. These coins can be spent in the Fynch Shop on discounts on a wide variety of sustainable gifts. It can be any sustainable product, ranging from sustainable clothing to travel products and from food products to writing blocks. Do you have a sustainable product that you want to offer (with a discount) in the Fynch Shop? Contact us through the contact form at the bottom of this page.

We present the following partners:

Alphabet Ald Andersreizen Arval Bliq mobility partner Connectbike Partner afbeelding Flexforcemonkey Leaseplan LCD grijs Mobfabriek Mtc Multitankcard Ns Radiuz Logo reisbeweging grijs licht Shell Vccr Verkeersonderneming Vu

Does your company also offer a sustainable journey solution and would you like to talk to us about collaborating? Leave your contact details below.

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